M90 Energy Storage System
RedFlow's M90 energy storage system is installed at the University of Queensland to support a solar PV array
Remote Area Power System
A RedFlow RAPS installation for the Energy Safe Victoria Project
RedFlow is a leading developer and manufacturer of zinc-bromide flow batteries. RedFlow’s core product is its standard 3kW continuous/8kWh zinc-bromide battery module (ZBM), which is designed to be integrated into electricity storage systems for a range of stationary applications.

The ZBM’s specific characteristics of daily deep charge and discharge capability mean they are ideal for storage and shifting of intermittent renewable energy, managing peak load on the grid as well as for supporting off-grid (‘island’) power systems.

View the real-time performance of RedFlow's battery installation at the University of Queensland's Global Change Institute here (click the Energy Profile tab at the bottom right of the screen).

RedFlow has deployed over 150 ZBMs in the field in a number of different electricity storage applications in Australia, USA and New Zealand.

RedFlow ZBMs Installed at GCI

The RedFlow battery system in the basement of the GCI Building at the University of Queensland has a total capacity of 288kWh. It consists of 6 battery towers each with 6 ZBMs. 24 SMA inverter-rectifiers charge and discharge the batteries and convert DC power to AC power for use in the building. The battery system operates by balancing the GCI building's load and generation, thereby aiming to achieve net-zero grid interaction, while maximising the value of the renewable energy generated by the building.

Sandia ZBM Test Reports

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Independent Development Assessment

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