Advanced Remote Area Power Supply New Development Contracts

RedFlow Technologies Ltd (RedFlow) is pleased to announce that it has signed an additional development contract with Ergon Energy Corporation for demonstration of advanced remote area power supply systems.

Remote area power supply systems (RAPS) are common in Australia’s rural locations which are too distant to have connection to the electricity grid. Currently, most RAPS rely on a mix of diesel generation, solar PV, and lead-acid batteries.

With increasing fuel prices, high maintenance costs and carbon emissions, diesel generation is becoming less attractive.

Solar PV, while cheap to operate, suffers from non-availability at night-time or in poor weather. Lead-acid batteries are usually used to overcome this intermittency, but suffer from high cost and weight, and relatively poor reliability.

The preferred advanced RAPS system uses solar PV combined with high performance batteries such as RedFlow’s zinc-bromine storage systems. This type of RAPS combines 24/7 availability with low operating cost, and excellent environmental credentials.

There are two elements to the new demonstration program with Ergon Energy signed today:

  • A Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) to interface with selected inverters and provide communications; and
  • A zinc-bromine battery optimised for RAPS applications.


As part of the contract, there will be field trials at two existing Ergon Energy sites.

Commenting today, RedFlow CEO Mr. Chris Winter said “We are pleased to be working with Ergon Energy on this program. It provides another opportunity to demonstrate that RedFlow’s zinc-bromine batteries are the most cost effective solution for RAPS applications. Moreover, solar PV generation combined with battery storage has zero carbon emissions and is clearly the way of the future for RAPS”.

Mr Winter added “There is strong demand for better RAPS products throughout Australia, and globally. The product we demonstrate here with Ergon Energy will pave the way for international sales in future years. Already Australian  companies have a strong reputation internationally within the renewable energy industry and this collaboration will help enhance that.”

Chris Winter
CEO RedFlow Technologies Ltd

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