Australia’s Redflow to fast-track rollout of ‘flow batteries’ for homes, businesses and mining operations

Australian energy storage company Redflow says it is fast-tracking the rollout of its battery products to the residential and mining sector, in yet another sign that storage costs are falling faster than most imagined.

Brisbane-based Redflow, which is bringing its zinc-bromide flow battery to market, says its new products are 40 per cent cheaper than its first generation products, and are now approaching grid tariffs in some markets.

The two new batteries – the ZBM2 and ZBM3 – are set to be released in April, targeting the residential, commercial and mining sectors.

ZBM2 is a a 5kW/10kWh battery, also producing 48V with twice the total warranted energy throughput at 20MzWh. The nominal delivery cost is $US0.48 (€0.42) per kWh.

The ZBM3 is a 5kW/11kWh product producing 53V and a 220 per cent increase in energy throughput capacity. Total energy throughput is warranted at 22MWh at a cost only 39% above the base price of the ZBM. But its energy delivery cost per kWh f is 37% better at $US0.44 (€0.38)… read more (via Solar Choice)

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