Former Santos boss David Knox joins board of battery producer

SOUTH Australian entrepreneur Simon Hackett has secured the services of former Santos boss David Knox on the board of energy storage company Redflow.

The announcement coincides with Mr Hackett reassuring investors of Redflow’s ability to raise the required funding to deliver the company’s future product range.

Mr Knox, who was recently appointed as deputy chair of the SA Economic Development Board, said he was attracted by Redflow’s battery technology.

“It has the potential to affect change in the way we use energy, both for individuals and families at home and also for small businesses and telcos,” he said.

“The beauty of this battery is it has a real role to play in stabilising our energy supply system as batteries become more widely used.


Ex-Santos CEO joins Redflow board during ‘pivotal year’

Home-grown battery developer Redflow signed up a new high-profile customer on Thursday – its new director, former Santos chief executive David Knox.

“I’ve been watching Redflow for a few years now; I’ve been waiting for the moment,” Mr Knox said of his decision to install one of the company’s ZCell “flow” batteries in his solar panel-equipped Adelaide home.

“Feed-in tariffs are falling away now, so batteries are becoming more economic.”

Mr Knox, who stepped down from Santos in late 2015 as the oil and gas producer was forced into an urgent capital raising and asset sales, is joining as a non-executive director at the start of what executive chairman Simon Hackett described as “a pivotal year” for the company.

Mr Hackett, a tech entrepreneur, said Mr Knox’s presence on the board would “broaden the board’s skills base and constructively challenge the executive team at Redflow as they advance both strategy and execution during 2017 and beyond.”

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Redflow charges into Asian telecom markets

Australian battery storage maker Redflow has a new target market for its large-scale zinc-bromine flow batteries, after the Brisbane-based company this week revealed it was pursuing “massive potential demand” in Asia’s telecommunications sector.

The ASX-listed company, which spent much of 2016 positioning itself as a contender for Australia’s burgeoning residential battery storage market, says it is successfully selling its larger-scale batteries in Asian countries where telecommunications have leap-frogged copper lines into wireless telephony and broadband.

“Many Asian nations have jumped straight to cellular network-based phone and Internet services because they lack the copper-based communication networks that exist in countries like Australia,” the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

“As a result, Redflow is pursuing a massive potential demand in Asia for its zinc-bromine flow batteries to power mobile telecommunication towers located in areas without reliable electricity supplies.”

Redflow, whose clever, but not particularly compact, technology originally targeted the commercial and grid-scale energy storage market, has recently made a concerted grab for the hotly contested residential market, under the stewardship of new CEO Simon Hackett.

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Redflow shows faith in batteries by extending warranty

Australian energy storage specialist Redflow has announced that it has extended the warranty for its 10 kilowatt hour (kWh) ZBM2 and ZCell zinc-bromine flow batteries to 10 years.

Previously, Redflow warranted the electrode stack in its batteries for 10 years or 36,500 kilowatt hour (kWh) output, whichever came first, and for three years for auxiliary components such as electrolyte tanks and pumps.

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My home Redflow ZBM2 energy system installation by Simon Hackett

Blog post extracted from Simon Hackett’s blog: Thoughts from the field 
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Here is some information about my home energy storage installation.

  • 2 x 10kWh Redflow ZBM2 zinc-bromide hybrid flow batteries
  • Redflow ZCell BMS
  • 2 x 5000VA Victron Energy inverter/chargers
  • 10 kWp solar panel array in four strings using 2 x SMA 5000-TL inverters
  • Victron Energy CCGX configured for solar self-consumption (Hub-4)

The live system (with performance charts) can be viewed here:

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Solar power ‘revolution’ on north coast

THE future of solar energy on the Coffs Coast was put into question on Friday when representatives from industry and government came together at the sixth North Coast Energy Forum.

The forum aimed to dispel doubts surrounding solar energy in the lead-up to the NSW solar bonus scheme ending in December. The forum discussed how solar batteries are shifting the energy system from a centralised to a localized model, meaning power is returning to the people.

Vicki Brooke, co-ordinator of the forum, said the aim was to achieve solutions in the face of a renewable energy “revolution”. “It’s a real game-changer now. The momentum for renewables is so strong that we are going to have our revolution,” she said. The forum showcased batteries from local energy groups such as the Bellingen Shire Electricity Alliance and Repower Coffs.

Speakers included Adam Marshall MP, NSW Parliamentary Secretary for Renewable Energy. Geoff Tosio, renewable energy consultant from Solar Depot Bellingen, said solar energy now costed much less than coal. “There was a recent solar farm that achieved a price that’s half that of coal. “The game is up and it’s changing worldwide,” he said. Mr Tosio presented the ZCell, the first 10-year 100% discharge and 0% degradation battery.

ABC 7:30

Rooftop solar could threaten SA’s energy security

Australian Broadcasting Corporation | Broadcast: 21/11/2016 | Reporter: Alex Mann

Following the state-wide blackout earlier this year, experts warn that another threat to South Australia’s energy security could come from the rapid uptake in rooftop solar.

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Redflow in tie-up with Redback Technologies to smarten up battery offering – The Australian Financial Review

Technologies in an alliance it expects to smooth the path to market for its ZCell home battery and help overcome the greater popular recognition for rival lithium-ion batteries such as Tesla’s Powerwall.

The tie-up, to be announced on Tuesday, comes after months of testing the Redflow battery, which uses zinc bromide “flow” technology – much less well known than the lithium-ion technology – alongside Redback’s solar hybrid inverter.

It confirms that Redflow’s 10 kilowatt-hour ZCell battery is compatible with the Redback inverter, as well as with the product from Netherlands-based Victron Energy, which it is already working with.

“Our aim is to make sure our battery is highly compatible with industry in general,” Redflow chairman and technology entrepreneur SImon Hackett said in advance of the announcement.

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Redflow top 20 energy storage disruptors – PV Tech

The term disruptor is thrown around a lot these days in a world rapidly facing digitisation and the fight to stay relevant is becoming ever more competitive in energy storage. While technological breakthroughs are always exciting, to paraphrase an old saying, there’s a lot that can go wrong between filling a cup with liquid and putting it to your lips. In the race to commercialise technologies and business models for a mass market still in its infancy, the real disruptors in energy storage aren’t just in the lab, they are making a real difference in houses, commercial buildings and on and off the grid.

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