Batteries to help grid become ‘the internet of energy’ – The Sydney Morning Herald

Rather than facing a “death spiral”, the electricity grid is set to become the backbone of the “internet of energy,” with the help of batteries – as long as policymakers get on board.

The concept that the electricity network is set to become an expensive white elephant with everyone self-sufficient in producing and storing their own power has disappeared.

In its place is the conviction that the rise of batteries will help place the transmission and distribution system as front and centre of tomorrow’s electricity supply system, connecting consumers in a smart network of generation and storage devices and allowing them to trade with one another, and control household appliances remotely.

“By 2030, the grid has become necessarily a much smarter place, it’s become more like the internet,” said Simon Hackett, chairman of battery developer Redflow Energy, at an energy storage conference in Sydney on Wednesday.

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