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My home Redflow ZBM2 energy system installation by Simon Hackett

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Here is some information about my home energy storage installation.

  • 2 x 10kWh Redflow ZBM2 zinc-bromide hybrid flow batteries
  • Redflow ZCell BMS
  • 2 x 5000VA Victron Energy inverter/chargers
  • 10 kWp solar panel array in four strings using 2 x SMA 5000-TL inverters
  • Victron Energy CCGX configured for solar self-consumption (Hub-4)

The live system (with performance charts) can be viewed here:

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POWER TO PEOPLE: Forum co-ordinator Vicki Brooke and Solar Depot Bellingen‘s Geoff Tosio showcase the world-first ZCell battery. PHOTO: TREVOR VEALE

Solar power ‘revolution’ on north coast

THE future of solar energy on the Coffs Coast was put into question on Friday when representatives from industry and government came together at the sixth North Coast Energy Forum.

The forum aimed to dispel doubts surrounding solar energy in the lead-up to the NSW solar bonus scheme ending in December. The forum discussed how solar batteries are shifting the energy system from a centralised to a localized model, meaning power is returning to the people.

Vicki Brooke, co-ordinator of the forum, said the aim was to achieve solutions in the face of a renewable energy “revolution”. “It’s a real game-changer now. The momentum for renewables is so strong that we are going to have our revolution,” she said. The forum showcased batteries from local energy groups such as the Bellingen Shire Electricity Alliance and Repower Coffs.

Speakers included Adam Marshall MP, NSW Parliamentary Secretary for Renewable Energy. Geoff Tosio, renewable energy consultant from Solar Depot Bellingen, said solar energy now costed much less than coal. “There was a recent solar farm that achieved a price that’s half that of coal. “The game is up and it’s changing worldwide,” he said. Mr Tosio presented the ZCell, the first 10-year 100% discharge and 0% degradation battery.


ABC 7:30

Rooftop solar could threaten SA’s energy security

Australian Broadcasting Corporation | Broadcast: 21/11/2016 | Reporter: Alex Mann

Following the state-wide blackout earlier this year, experts warn that another threat to South Australia’s energy security could come from the rapid uptake in rooftop solar.

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Are flow batteries the future of home energy storage? Q&A with Redflow’s Simon Hackett

RedFlow’s ZCell is one of the most is one of the most in-demand battery storage products on the Australian market; it also stands out for being one of the only ‘flow batteries‘ currently available. Solar Choice had the opportunity to catch up with RedFlow CEO Simon Hackett about the role of flow batteries (and the ZCell) in Australia’s energy transformation, in the process discussing how the ZCell compares to the vast array of lithium-based batteries sweeping the market. Our conversation is included below. Continue reading “Are flow batteries the future of home energy storage? Q&A with Redflow’s Simon Hackett”

High power electricty poles in urban area

Tesla Powerwall demand jumps 30 times after blackouts

by Financial Review, Simon Evans
Demand for Tesla’s Powerwall home storage batteries has jumped more than 30 times at some large installers after power blackouts in two states.

Installers say “blackout proofing” has become a new buzzword among householders.

The surge in inquiries about home storage battery systems has been almost overwhelming as it adds a new level of demand from customers previously focused on environmental considerations and reducing power bills from weaning themselves off the traditional electricity grid.

Natural Solar managing director Chris Williams, who runs a national firm with its headquarters in Sydney, said the biggest jump had been in South Australia and Victoria, but demand had spiked across the country after the blackouts put the future of electricity grids and renewable energy sharply into the national spotlight.

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High power electricty poles in urban area

8 Reasons to Install ZCell Battery Storage in Your Home

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The cost of installing battery storage in your household is falling rapidly. Investment bank Morgan Stanley has predicted that storage costs could fall by over 40 percent over the next two years.

This is all the more reason to Install Redflow’s first residential battery offering, ZCell. ZCell is a breakthrough 10kWh system that includes a battery made from easily recyclable or reusable components.

But falling prices are not the only reason you should think about installing solar storage in your home. We’ve rounded up the top 8 benefits of installing the ZCell battery storage system.

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Redflow says first ZCell batteries to be installed in homes in October


Australian battery technology developer Redflow says the first of its ZCell residential battery storage systems are due to be delivered to customers next month after the first shipment of batteries arrived in Australia on Sunday.


The Brisbane-based company has experienced a series of delays, including an unedited departure delays at the port of Los Angeles, but deliveries will commence in October after the batteries are installed into the Australian-made enclosures.

Redflow says it will announce names and details of the first group of Australian companies with approval to install ZCell energy systems on the website this week. These companies will be able to provide ZCell proposals for retail customers and install ZCell-based energy systems around Australia.

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Redflow Ltd to begin installation of advanced energy storage system


Redflow Ltd (ASX:RFX) is on track to begin installation of its ZCell energy system, after the first shipment of ZBM2 batteries arrived in Australia yesterday.

ZCell is an energy storage system built by Redflow using ZBM2, the world’s smallest production zinc-bromide hybrid flow battery.

The ZCell system can deliver 10 kilowatt hours of stored energy each day, harvesting energy from solar panels or lower-cost off-peak power.

Installing ZCell with a suitable inverter as part of an energy management system can lower power costs and provide resilience during grid power cuts.

Redflow expect ZCell installations for Australian customers to commence from early October, following customs clearance, inspection and installation of batteries into ZCell enclosures.

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What is battery ‘end of life’?


‘End of life’ is one of the key specifications that you should keep in mind as you compare battery storage options for your home. How is battery end of life defined, and why is it so important?

Defining battery end of life

If you have a battery storage system installed on your home, its lifespan can be explained in three different ways. It’s very important for you as a consumer to understand these terms in order to meaningfully compare products – preferably across all three metrics.

  • Cycle life – The number of times the battery can be fully charged and discharged (one cycle).
  • Warrantied life – Usually described in years (e.g. 10 year life under warranty). You may also see ‘expected operational life’ pop up from time to time – this will usually be a few years longer than the warrantied lifespan, but it’s best to think of this as a bonus, as this extra term of operation is not covered under warranty.
  • Total energy throughput – The total amount of energy you can expect to ‘pass through’ the battery during its life (e.g. 30 megawatt-hours).

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