Redflow charges into Asian telecom markets

Australian battery storage maker Redflow has a new target market for its large-scale zinc-bromine flow batteries, after the Brisbane-based company this week revealed it was pursuing “massive potential demand” in Asia’s telecommunications sector.

The ASX-listed company, which spent much of 2016 positioning itself as a contender for Australia’s burgeoning residential battery storage market, says it is successfully selling its larger-scale batteries in Asian countries where telecommunications have leap-frogged copper lines into wireless telephony and broadband.

“Many Asian nations have jumped straight to cellular network-based phone and Internet services because they lack the copper-based communication networks that exist in countries like Australia,” the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

“As a result, Redflow is pursuing a massive potential demand in Asia for its zinc-bromine flow batteries to power mobile telecommunication towers located in areas without reliable electricity supplies.”

Redflow, whose clever, but not particularly compact, technology originally targeted the commercial and grid-scale energy storage market, has recently made a concerted grab for the hotly contested residential market, under the stewardship of new CEO Simon Hackett.

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Redflow shows faith in batteries by extending warranty

Australian energy storage specialist Redflow has announced that it has extended the warranty for its 10 kilowatt hour (kWh) ZBM2 and ZCell zinc-bromine flow batteries to 10 years.

Previously, Redflow warranted the electrode stack in its batteries for 10 years or 36,500 kilowatt hour (kWh) output, whichever came first, and for three years for auxiliary components such as electrolyte tanks and pumps.

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A visit to Standard Solar – post extracted from Whirlpool

The following blog post has been extracted from with permission from its writer James Bishop: 

I visited Standard Solar see link to RFX [Redflow] and to his [James Graham’s] company website

James [Graham, Standard Solar CEO] is not a share trader. His options included and solar product or any of the battery technologies. He choose RFX not the other way around. He has pre sold all of his order from RFX.

In short. James has two ZBMs running with a GoodWe ES series inverter. He can access and see batteries via his phone or computer using secure ZCELL link. He can access the batteries also via the GoodWe  inverter management software on line or on his computer.

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