First RedFlow ZBM for US Demonstration

Electricity storage system company, RedFlow Limited (ASX:RFX), announced today that it has supplied a zinc bromine battery module (ZBM) for testing in US, the first one in that country.

The ZBM is being tested by Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) as part of a multi-phase project to develop advanced performance metrics for flow battery systems.

RedFlow’s ZBM is designed to either stand alone or be integrated into larger electricity storage systems. It is configured as a building block allowing scaled storage solutions from smaller kilowatt to larger megawatt-scale applications.

RedFlow is already supplying energy storage systems to meet the requirements of the distribution utilities in Australia and New Zealand.

RedFlow CEO, Phil Hutchings said this step was an important component of the company’s plan to systematically grow its sales profile.

“Sandia National Laboratories is one of the world’s leading laboratories in the energy sector, and is highly regarded
“A second unit will be supplied early in 2012 to further progress the testing and characterisation,” Mr Hutchings said.

This collaboration will advance the goals of SNL, the Department of Energy and RedFlow by improving energy storage testing and evaluation practices and in turn helping to bring RedFlow’s unique energy storage technology to North America.

This work is funded by Dr Imre Gyuk of the Department of Energy Office of Electricity, Energy Storage Program.

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