Launch of M90 at University of Queensland

Further to the announcement made on 29 June 2012 regarding the deployment of the M90 at the University of Queensland, RedFlow is proud to announce the commissioning and official opening of their M90 product at the University of Queensland by the Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, the Hon Mark Drefus QC MP.

The M90 product represents a significant step forward in the company’s plans to commercialise its proprietary zinc bromine battery technology. The product comprises 24 zinc bromine batteries which are connected to a large scale solar PV array at the University of Queensland’s campus in Brisbane. By integrating large scale energy storage with intermittent renewable energy technologies, the M90 demonstrates the viability of energy storage as an important enabling technology for wide spread renewable energy deployment.

With solar, wind or other renewable energy being generated at unpredictable times and often at times when the demand for electricity is not at its peak, the electricity generated from these sources either has to be stored or it is lost. Storage will ensure maximum benefit can be achieved from the significant investments made in the renewable energy genreration arena.

“The M90 is capable of storing large amounts of electricity from sources such as solar or wind power which can be used during peak demand periods or at night,” said Mark Dreyfus, Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Industry and Innovation. “One of the major challenges in the mainstream use of renewable energy has been finding a way to store electricity from intermittent sources like wind and solar, and it’s exciting to see Queensland lead the way,” said Mr Dreyfus.

“Currently intermittent renewable energy provides less than a third of our total energy mix, but advances like the M90 will increase this, helping Australia to slow down dangerous climate change and providing greater energy security to the  grid,” Mr Dreyfus said. Further details of the opening can be found at M90 Press Release.

The successful deployment of the M90 product also delivers an important step in the commercialisation of large scale energy storage by the company. Following through on the company’s stated strategy, the M90 will provide an important reference design for system integration partners in the US and elsewhere.

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