New Technologies for Storing Energy Benefit from Power Conditioning – ABB and RedFlow

Designers of uninterruptible power supplies, buses, cars and the alternative energy community have been seeking ways of storing electrical energy efficiently and cost effectively.

Traditionally, the energy storage market has been dominated by lead acid batteries, which are inexpensive and efficient but have their own limitations. The advent of advanced batteries such as lithium-ion and ultra capacitor energy storage solutions has offered a breakthrough in efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Energy Storage Solutions

There are many available methods for energy storage, such as kinetic energy in flywheels, as static charge, chemically, heat, and as potential energy in water dams (pumped storage). The efficient and cost-effective conversion of electrical energy into stored energy is the major challenge.

The stored energy needs to be transformed to provide the required current and voltage as demanded by the particular load. For this purpose, batteries and ultra capacitors are an ideal option due to their ability to store energy in the direct current (DC) form. When coupled to power electronics, the conversion of DC energy to the alternating current (AC) – which most loads require – takes place…read more at AZO materials 

Clean Tech

ABB PCS100 ESS successfully applied with a zinc bromide flow battery at Redflow in Australia