Performance Testing of RedFlow’s ZBM for Remote Telecom Sites Report Released

As part of the The Battcon™ 2013 Stationary Battery Conference and Trade Show, researchers from Sandia National Laboratories presented a paper on its performance testing of RedFlow’s ZBM for Remote Telecom Sites.  The abstract and full paper are available below:

Telecommunication (telecom) sites are often located far from the (AC) electric grid. The electric generators installed at these sites are often very lightly loaded, either because of low usage or high renewable generation. This can results in the generators operating inefficiently. Electrical energy storage, if implemented properly, has the potential to save fuel at sites like these. In principle, this is done by allowing the generator to run more efficiently at a high electrical load while charging energy storage with excess capacity, and remain idle while the energy storage discharges to support the load. This paper describes how the application of Zinc Bromine (Zn-Br) flow batteries could effectively support remote telecom applications through extrapolation of performance metrics from example system test data to remote telecom applications.

Click here to read the full paper.

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