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Lower cost per kilowatt hour, more charging cycles, greater depth of discharge, larger capacity, safer materials… or even just better aesthetics: there are many ways in which the storage industry is pushing the boundaries of battery technology. These 20 storage products are all – in some way – helping the sector move into the mainstream, and are plugging some of solar’s evolutionary gaps along the way.


#10 Redflow zinc-bromide battery

Australia-headquartered advanced energy storage company Redflow has developed a

range of zinc-bromide flow bat- tery modules suitable for a vari- ety of PV-supported applications thanks to their ability to easily store and shift renewable energy, manage peak grid load and sup- port off-grid power

systems. The range is available in 8 kWh, 10 kWh and 11 kWh energy densities, and is also suit- able for configurations in par- allel or a series. The zinc-bro- mide electrolyte is a water-based natural fire retardant, making the ZBM range safer than typi- cal battery systems, and the bat- tery can achieve 100% depth discharge, making it an ideal option for regions with unstable grids or high levels of renewable penetration.

What’s in store?

Redflow has partnered with Flextronics to roll-out its ZBM range across global large-scale commercial markets, and has recently been introduced to Europe.

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