Radio Interview – Beyond Zero Emissions

Chris Winter is CEO of RedFlow, an Australian company, based in Brisbane, that is among the first in the world to install fully operational and functional zinc-bromine modules (ZBMs) into power utility applications. These batteries have energy storage applications to complement the intermittant nature of renewable energy power generation.

The RedFlow ZBM delivers up to 5 kW of power and 10 kWh of energy. With electrolyte, the ZBM weighs 220 kg (water-based zinc-bromine electrolyte comprises over 60% of the weight). An industrial lead-acid battery, with comparable daily cycling performance, would weigh over five times as much. The RedFlow ZBM is constructed primarily of plastics and utilises many standard manufacturing processes from the plastics and white goods industries.

Redflow’s ZBM is also being tested and part of the US Department of Energy (DoE) grid-connected energy storage program.

Beyond Zero’s Matthew and Anthony talk to Chris about Redflow and the recent demonstration projects with electricity distributors in NSW and QLD.

Click here to listen to the interview.

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