Redflow battery makes a bow

by ChannelNews

Australian energy storage company Redflow’s ZCell home battery will have its first major public outing today at the Australian Energy Storage Conference & Exhibition in Sydney.

Redflow chairman and former NBN director Simon Hackett – pictured with CEO Stuart Smith and Zcell – will be on hand to demonstrate the residential energy storage system which includes a battery made from recyclable or reusable components. It is expected to compete with, among others, US billionaire Elon Musk’s Tesla range of batteries, in the now rapidly developing market for systems that can store energy derived from household solar panels, allowing power to be delivered to household devices after dark. Hackett added: “We expect to receive the first production batch of ZCell enclosures for quality assurance testing before the end of June, with ZCell bundles now expected to be delivered to installers for customer deployment from August.”

The Australian Energy Storage Conference & Exhibition has its second and final day today at the Australian Technology Park, Everleigh.