Redflow kicks off ‘fully recyclable’ solar battery system

Source: Featured in Recycling International Friday 01/04/2016

Australia: Australian battery manufacturer Redflow has launched a home solar battery storage system that is said to rival products from major brands like Panasonic and Tesla because it is ‘fully recyclable’, is able to charge and discharge every day with no degradation to the system and is better suited to high temperatures.

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By Kirstin Linnenkoper

The new ZCell battery is ‘unique’ as it does not use lithium – it is based on a zinc-bromide solution – and can store 10kWh of electricity. ‘The active parts are plastic, aluminium and steel, the fluid electrolyte can be removed and cleaned and put in the next battery so the whole thing is very recyclable,’ explains executive chairman Simon Hackett.

The battery is capable of powering a household for two days and is roughly the size of an air conditioning unit, which can be installed either inside or outside a residence. Though no official price has been announced yet, industry specialists put it at around UAS$10 000.

An estimated 8000 tonnes worth of lithium-ion batteries are thrown away every year, says the Australian Battery Recycling Initiative. It expects figures will surge to 150 000 tonnes by 2035. At the moment, 1.5 million homes across the country are said to feature solar panels.