Redflow launches ZCell home energy storage system

Source: Featured in SolarSever Wednesday 30/03/2016

Australian battery innovator Redflow on March 30th, 2016 launches its first residential energy storage solution, ZCell, a breakthrough system that includes a battery made from easily recyclable or reusable components, the company announces.

According to Redflow, ZCell can store 10 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy, allowing people to “timeshift” solar power from day to night, store off-peak power for peak demand periods and support off-grid systems.

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Redflow Executive Chairman Simon Hackett said ZCell was a breakthrough system. “ZCell breaks many of the rules that apply to legacy batteries, making it ideal for the home market,” he said

Flow battery is primarily made of plastic, aluminium and steel

“ZCell lets you discharge 100 per cent of its total stored energy every day, whereas other battery types can require a significant amount of their underlying storage capacity to be locked out to prevent battery damage and to extend battery life. ZCell is a unique flow battery that loves to be fully charged and discharged daily.”

ZCell is primarily made of plastic, aluminium and steel, elements that are easily recycled, while its fluid electrolyte can be reused or repurposed, the producer notes.

The core of ZCell is a Redflow ZBM2 flow battery, an innovative product developed by Redflow that is operating at sites worldwide, including Australia, Africa, Asia, America and Europe. ZCell uses the Redflow ZBM2 in a custom-designed outdoor-rated enclosure that sits on the ground, connecting to a battery inverter/charger unit that delivers stored energy to a home.

ZCell comprises a smart battery, managed and protected by a sophisticated on-board computer control system, with an integrated ZCell Battery Management System (BMS) which enables easy on-site battery commissioning, monitoring and control using a smartphone-compatible WiFi interface.

Simon Hackett said those benefits made ZCell the ideal home energy storage system for Australia. “Redflow has launched this new product under the name ZCell to distinguish it as a fully formed, residential-ready product that is easily integrated by your chosen installer into your home’s solar and energy system,” he said.

“Redflow does not set the total installed system price as we supply only part of the overall system. Final system cost will be set by your system installer, depending on your requirements and upon any additional items, such as solar panels, you may elect to include. We expect the fully installed cost of a 10 kWh ZCell-based energy storage system will start from USD 17,500–USD 19,500 including GST.