RedFlow & Powerco Join Energy Forces

RedFlow Limited, a leading manufacturer of zinc-bromine battery-based energy storage systems, today announced it has agreed the basis on which Powerco Limited, New Zealand’s second largest electricity and gas distribution company, will become the exclusive distributor of RedFlow products in the New Zealand utility and remote area power systems market.

The announcement means that Powerco’s remote, rural customers, whose ageing lines across rugged terrain leave them exposed to power quality and reliability concerns from storms, slips and trees, have a new choice for high quality power  supplies.

The announcement is the result of twelve months of work between RedFlow and Powerco in developing and showcasing packaged remote area power systems (RAPS) suitable for New Zealand conditions.

Described as “RAPS in a box”, this RedFlow assembled system comprises a packaged energy storage system with power electronics and controls, together with a utility-grade diesel generation set and satellite based remote monitoring. It is designed for integration with a Powerco-supplied solar PV array or micro hydro turbine.

RedFlow CEO Phil Hutchings said the exclusive distributorship arrangement was an important step for RedFlow and for electricity supply in New Zealand.

“Powerco is an ideal partner for us in the New Zealand market. We see significant opportunities there, and Powerco has the foresight to identify industry changes early on,” said Mr Hutchings.

“Powerco is investing in establishing a business to market and support our products. From our perspective, we will be training Powerco staff and continuing to optimise our products to suit New Zealand conditions.”

Commenting on the new arrangement, Powerco Business Development Manager Jamie Silk said Powerco saw electricity distribution businesses being required to embrace new solutions to meet constantly growing electricity demand and significant network renewal requirements.

“Embracing innovative products like RedFlow’s bundled remote area power systems and larger scale energy storage systems provides us with new opportunities to do just that. Powerco is developing a separate business based around its exclusive distributorship of RedFlow products in NZ and we look forward to expanding the business progressively in 2011 and future years,” Mr Silk said.

The Distribution Agreement will cover all RedFlow products including the zinc-bromine battery based larger energy storage systems.

RedFlow expects to deliver the first systems to be supplied under the new arrangements in the next three months.

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