ZBM Overview

RedFlow is among the first companies to install fully operational and functional zinc-bromine modules (ZBMs) into a range of stationary energy applications.

ZBM Product Sheet

ZBM Installation and Operation Manual (Full Version)            ZBM Installation and Operation Manual (Condensed Version)

The ZBM is RedFlow’s core product.  It delivers up to 3 kW of continuous power (5kW peak) and up to 8 kWh of energy. With electrolyte, the ZBM weighs 220 kg (water-based zinc-bromine electrolyte comprises over 60% of the weight). An industrial lead-acid battery, with comparable daily cycling performance, would weigh over five times as much.

The RedFlow ZBM is constructed primarily of plastics and utilises many standard manufacturing processes from the plastics and white goods industries. There are currently many electricity storage technologies in the stationary application at the development and commercial stages.  Each of these have their own positive aspects in particular power or energy applications, but RedFlow’s ZBM has its prime position in energy applications that require multi-hour discharges.

A key advantage of the RedFlow ZBM is that it can be fully discharged and fully recharged regularly, without significant degradation. This means it is particularly suited to applications which require regular deep charging and discharging cycles. Such cycles can damage comparable lead-acid batteries and, as a result, limit their useful life. The RedFlow ZBM is designed specifically for repeated deep cycling.