RedFlow progress update July 2012

On 16 April 2012, following a strategic review, RedFlow announced its intention to focus in the near-term on expanding the Company’s product demonstration programme across both end-users and systems integrators.

In line with this strategy RedFlow is pleased to provide a summary progress update ahead of a more complete quarterly update that will be provided during July 2012.

A new Company presentation summarising recent progress is available on RedFlow’s website, at:

Details contained within this presentation highlight that RedFlow is moving forward strongly since the strategic review recommendations were identified:

  • Discussions with a number of major, multi-national systems integrator companies have progressed rapidly alongside our existing utility partners, including Ausgrid and  PowerCo, and we expect to be in a position to announce progress on this front over the coming months;
  • We have placed a full-time business development manager in the US, with a number of potential demonstration projects in the US developing quickly as our commercial links strengthen;
  • Five trial units have been placed in the US during the last three months, with a range of potential end customers and system integrators, as early steps to securing additional interest in our largescale demonstration programs;

Three recent links are included on the RedFlow website that highlights some of this progress:

RedFlow is looking forward to further strong progress in the coming months.

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