Redflow top 20 energy storage disruptors – PV Tech

The term disruptor is thrown around a lot these days in a world rapidly facing digitisation and the fight to stay relevant is becoming ever more competitive in energy storage. While technological breakthroughs are always exciting, to paraphrase an old saying, there’s a lot that can go wrong between filling a cup with liquid and putting it to your lips. In the race to commercialise technologies and business models for a mass market still in its infancy, the real disruptors in energy storage aren’t just in the lab, they are making a real difference in houses, commercial buildings and on and off the grid.

We have carefully selected 20 such technology and service providers for this feature, with commentaries by energy storage market analysts Logan Goldie-Scot at Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) and Brett Simon of GTM Research.

“When assessing new companies, we are not looking for great ideas which are simply impossible to implement or are ahead of their time,” Goldie-Scot says. “We are looking for companies that are currently addressing big opportunities, with innovative solutions and have proven track records.

“One way of assessing them is by looking at potential to scale, innovation and momentum. Many energy storage technology companies are clearly innovative but have yet to show they can scale, and momentum is often lacking. The ones that tick all these boxes are incredibly impressive.”

Company: Redflow. Technology: ZCell

The world’s first residential flow battery seemed a surreal proposition to some but the device received its real-world launch in late March. Australian company Redflow is targeting its domestic market for solar self-consumption.

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