RedFlow’s First Megawatt Class Prototype Installed Large Scale Electricity Storage

RedFlow Limited (ASX: RFX) is pleased to advise that it has installed the first of its megawatt-class electricity storage systems, in conjunction with Australia’s largest flat panel solar photovoltaic generation facility located at The University of Queensland (UQ), Brisbane.

This unit, the first in RedFlow’s planned roll-out of successively larger electricity storage systems in the MW-class, has an installed capacity for twelve RedFlow zinc-bromine battery modules (120 kWh), coupled with power electronics rated at 30 kW.

It is packaged in a 20 foot Hi-Cube shipping container. Only approximately 15% of the container’s footprint is occupied by zinc-bromine battery modules in this Generation One prototype. The balance of space has been set up as a demonstration room, with computer monitors and power meters to highlight system performance and energy flows.

RedFlow’s CEO, Phillip Hutchings, said: “RedFlow is already receiving early customer interest for our MW-class electricity storage products. Having this unit showcased along with such a large solar PV array will help us demonstrate it to customers from around the world.”

“Moreover, this will be a globally-leading PV-storage demonstration, as it will allow the side-by-side comparison with an identical 390 kW PV adjacent section of the array which has no storage at all, but will face the same periodic power drops created by passing clouds. Part of the demonstration period will be to show the effectiveness of large scale energy storage on managing harmonics and transient effects on the network which could otherwise occur”.

Professor of Physics Paul Meredith of the UQ Global Change Institute and leader of the UQ 1.22 MW PV array research program said: “Addition of the electricity storage component is a significant step forward for this globally-significant solar PV demonstration facility. It will also allow UQ to demonstrate the application of battery storage to control power flow with such a large scale intermittent renewable energy source as our 1.22 MW PV array.”

This installation was delayed by approximately two months as a consequence of the January 2011 floods, which affected both the RedFlow and UQ sites.

Following the installation, there is some minor site commissioning and electrical connection work, both of which will be completed shortly.

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