RedFlow’s Zinc-Bromine battery: A breakthrough technology to boost uptake of renewable solar

RedFlow’s new kilowatt-scale batteries have been hailed as a critical enabling technology that allows easy integration of large numbers of small solar generators into the electricity grid. The RedFlow systems also put Australia in front of the rest of the world in being ready for the so-called ‘Smart Grid’, which is how electricity will be provided in the future.

RedFlow CEO Chris Winter, speaking on the eve of the annual conference of the Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society in Townsville, said, “RedFlow is delighted to be involved in this ANZSES solar generation conference. Delegates will have a chance to see our energy storage systems in action, using solar energy stored during the day to power an evening party on a beach on Magnetic Island.

Here in Queensland, we are now manufacturing our high performance systems which are an ideal match with Solar generation. This means that electricity generated from daytime sunshine can now be efficiently captured and used in evening peak times when power companies often struggle to meet electrical demand”.

The core of RedFlow’s patented technology is their zinc-bromine battery module.

At just 220kg, it has a 10 kWh capacity – enough to run a typical household for many hours.

“You’d need about one and a half tonnes of lead-acid batteries to do the same job, and our battery is much more environmentally benign as it does not use toxic heavy metals like lead” Mr Winter said.

“In 2010, we will begin expanding our manufacturing capacity to meet the expected huge global demand for smart-grid storage systems. RedFlow plans to be one of the largest manufacturers in the world for this application, on the back of our cutting edge technology and superior systems integration”.

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