• Customer: Longevity Medical Centre
  • Location: Doncaster East, Victoria
  • Storage: 2 x ZCells (20 kWh)

After unexpected power cuts disrupted patient care at Longevity Medical Centre in the Melbourne suburb of Doncaster East, its owner turned to Redflow’s ZCell energy storage system for a solution. Since they were installed in early 2017 by Standard Solar, the two 10 kilowatt hour (kWh) ZCells have kept the lights, computers and diagnostic equipment running at Longevity Medical Centre without interruption – even during power cuts. The four-doctor medical centre, which installed rooftop solar panels the year before, has also seen its already low energy costs halve, as the ZCells prioritise use of solar-generated and off-peak power. Download and read the full Longevity Medical Centre case study by clicking here.