SA, Qld back solar storage

by David Frith

MELBOURNE – South Australia is not the only State putting a new effort into promoting future use of renewable energy. Victoria’s Energy Minister Lily d’Ambrosio has said her State also will prioritise use of batteries to store renewable energy and grid-stabilising technologies. The news comes as Australian company Redflow begins marketing Oz-designed (though US-built) batteries for home and business use, to enable greater reliance on renewable energy.

America’s Tesla is also looking to promote the market Down Under D’Ambrosio said that she is hoping for a “change of heart” from the Turnbull Government at tomorrow’s meeting of Australian energy ministers and greater urgency from the Australian Energy Markets Commission about helping accommodate renewable technology. She appears to have a solid ally in Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, despite that State’s huge coal resources. Palaszczuk this week said Queensland would meet its energy targets “by encouraging more uptake of solar and we’ve got battery storage coming.” She said, however, “we can have a combination of the two. ”