Significant Patent Granted To RedFlow

RedFlow Limited (ASX: RFX) is pleased to advise that the Australian Commissioner of Patents has granted Australian standard patent number 2008232296 for a “Cell Stack for a Flowing Electrolyte Battery” to RedFlow.

The patent grants a 20 year monopoly to RedFlow including the rights to prevent competitors from making, using and selling flowing electrolyte batteries having a new and inventive battery cell stack architecture in Australia. This patent is also being registered in a significant number of other countries.

RedFlow’s patented cell stack architecture enables improved robustness and efficiency, and reduced size and weight of flowing electrolyte batteries.

RedFlow’s CEO, Phillip Hutchings, said: “This is a significant step in recognising the value of RedFlow’s intellectual property and follows the original patent application in March 2008. RedFlow has other patent applications pending and is continuing to develop barriers around its intellectual property.”

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