Special Letter by Simon Hackett: The New Power Game

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Publisher’s Note: The problem of global warming is directly tied to the issue of moving off fossil fuels and onto alternative energies. This move, in turn, requires a redesign of power grids around the world – a game-changer in which developed countries can either play the lead or, as has happened occasionally with new wireless installations, the follower, vs. emerging nations.

On this issue, however, there are no winners and losers: we all share the planet, and we all lose if we don’t move quickly enough.

Redesigning the grid requires a number of technical and infrastructure changes, but none are more important than removing the supply volatility characteristic of solar and wind installations, the two leading energy supply sources (beyond hydro) being deployed in this battle. The grid needs a new battery system, and the question of what kind, how much, and how fast, if answered properly, will now be key to saving the planet…read on 


  • Turning Renewable-Energy Generation into a Baseload Power Source
  • Power vs. Energy in Batteries
  • Making It Happen
  • The Tesla Energy “Powerwall”
  • Lithium Batteries at Grid Scale
  • Alternative Battery Approaches
  • Where to Go from Here
  • About Simon Hackett
  • Inside SNS
  • Upcoming SNS Events

About the author: 

Simon Hackett at Base 64 in AdelaideIn 1991 Simon founded Internode and grew it to become a very large privately held Australian broadband company. By 2011, Internode employed around 450 staff, with nearly 200,000 customers and an annual turnover of more than $180m. Simon agreed to sell Internode to iiNet in December 2011, and continued as Internode Managing Director until his transition to joining the iiNet board as a non-executive director in August 2012. In late 2012 Simon started a new company called Base64 Pty Ltd, located at (and managing) a property that is (not surprisingly) called … Base64.He has been making various investments into various things in the meantime, including (for example) AvSoft, Redflow, BlueChilli and UltraServe.

In November 2013, Simon was appointed as a non-executive director on the board of NBNCo Limited. He resigned from the iiNet board as a part of the transition to the board of NBNCo.

Simon joined the board of Redflow in November 2014.

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