This is what Australia’s answer to home battery storage looks like – Gizmodo

Aussie company Redflow announced its innovative zinc-bromine ZCell battery earlier this year, and tomorrow it’s getting its first public debut at the Australian Energy Storage Conference & Exhibition in Sydney. The enclosure for the 10kWh home energy storage system has just been revealed, designed to be easy to install with failsafes against battery fluid leakage.

The enclosure measures 1000mm x 500mm x 1150mm, and is designed to be installed singly or as part of a system of batteries beside an outside wall. The ZCell is designed to be safer and more efficient than its lithium-ion competitors, boasting fully recyclable components and a battery that does not risk damage when fully discharged — even leaving the battery indefinitely without charge won’t risk its ability to function properly. Even the newly revealed enclosure, while not quite as sleek as its rival from Tesla, is designed to aid the functionality of the battery inside.

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