Redflow explained how to meet increasing mobile demand and overcome energy supply issues at Mobile World Congress 2015.

By utilising energy storage technology, telecommunications providers can more effectively meet increasing demand from mobile devices whilst also overcoming energy supply issues caused by unstable grids, blackouts and intermittent renewable energy.

By 2018, it is estimated the world will be home to 2.5 billion smartphones and 4 million telecommunication towers.

To meet this growing demand for 24/7 uninterrupted access to telecommunications and mobile data, telecommunications companies and tower providers need to proactively invest in upgrading their infrastructure to meet rising demand with energy supply.

Telecommunications providers in rural areas without robust electricity grids also face significant supply issues – namely, managing regular outages that last for several hours or more. Not only do these outages affect customers and continuity for local businesses – which in turn affects local economies – but they also make communication service providers less reliable.

To overcome these issues, many telecommunications providers are investing in energy storage.


Redflow energy storage for telecommunications providers

The capabilities of the Redflow 48Vdc ZBM flow battery enables us to work with telecommunication companies and tower providers to easily resolve energy supply problems.

With a perfectly matched voltage range, a reduced chance of theft compared to lithium and lead acid batteries, and no requirement for active cooling, our flow batteries provide energy storage designed for the tough environments where many base transceiver sites (BTS sites) are located.

Benefits of Redflow flow battery technology:

  • Protection from grid outages
  • Competitive advantage from uninterrupted service
  • Lower operating expenses (OPEX)
  • No financial loss from service outages
  • Reduced diesel runtime
  • Removal of active temperature management
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