Upgraded Zinc-Bromine Battery Capacity

RedFlow Technologies Ltd (RedFlow) is pleased to announce that its ongoing design optimisation program is continuing to deliver good results.

RedFlow’s engineering team is continuing to work on techniques to improve the performance and reduce the production cost of its proprietary zinc-bromine battery.

The latest optimisation has increased energy storage capacity by approximately twenty per cent. Tests at the company’s Seventeen Mile Rocks facility in Brisbane last week showed the new generation zinc-bromine stack is capable of delivering over 13 kWh of energy in repeated cycling tests. This compares with the nominal 10.5 kWh rating of the current generation RedFlow battery.

Commenting today, RedFlow’s CEO, Mr. Chris Winter said “The latest round of improvements show that the ongoing development path we have is delivering great results. The new generation battery has approximately 20 per cent more capacity than the prior generation, while retaining high efficiency and capacity for 100% discharge.

Mr Winter said “As a consequence, RedFlow has more than achieved a 20% reduction in its cost per kWh, as the new generation battery incorporates other cost–saving features. We will be moving to progressively implement the new design into our production operations.

RedFlow’s advanced design is packaged in a module of approximately 230 kg. An equivalent set of lead-acid batteries would weigh 2,200 kg (when operated in an equivalent daily cycling mode, and limited to 20% depth of discharge to ensure an acceptable operating life).

If you have any questions on the above, I will be pleased to assist”.

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