A visit to Standard Solar – post extracted from Whirlpool

The following blog post has been extracted from Whirlpool.net.au with permission from its writer James Bishop: 

I visited Standard Solar see link to RFX [Redflow] and to his [James Graham’s] company website

James [Graham, Standard Solar CEO] is not a share trader. His options included and solar product or any of the battery technologies. He choose RFX not the other way around. He has pre sold all of his order from RFX.

In short. James has two ZBMs running with a GoodWe ES series inverter. He can access and see batteries via his phone or computer using secure ZCELL link. He can access the batteries also via the GoodWe  inverter management software on line or on his computer.

The BMS has redundancy built in. If part of the linkage for the two units failed they will work independently. James Demonstrated this for me by turning power off. The two now entirely independent ZBMs  were providing power via the inverter. The Inverter estimates the charge levels from the most recent valid connection and charges the ZBMs or uses or exports power to grid.
I like back ups for back ups. 

He kindly turned off the mains power from the Solar 5.5 kw PV which was exporting to the grid as batteries were full and Sun was shining drawing no load from the batteries.

A Sub 5 millisecond change to the ZBM meaning not one computer, or other devices would drop off during a power failure &/or solar cloud PV voltage drop.

The BMS update can be installed on mass to his customers directly or directly from Zcell directly.  Zcells is clearly burning the candles improving the BMS systems capabilities as the number of updates I saw indicated multiple improvements occurring and rapidly from what is already one of the most advanced BMS systems in the world.

Standard Solar has some very big customers in several states. His own PV systems have meant he uses no grid power and hasn’t since installing the Two ZBMs.

His two ZBMs are raised of the floor so not on the cement. We discussed how temperature sub 15 could be an issue easily overcome by a small heating pad like one used for home brewing or reptiles in Southern states. Not an issue for me. optimum ambient temperature was about 25 which is with in a few degrees of my office so no issue for me. The Ventilation of ZBM/Zcells only kicks in if temp rises which again is not ever an issue in my office. Maximum temp was well above what I would be alive at.

He kindly showed me some other data which was fascinating Such as Reposit power contacting him for him to consider selling his excess PV AND possibly buy his ZBM power at peak times at a price which would if this occurs and is available to home users of Zcell make the  payback time for a Zcell or two significantly less than current estimates are!

If standard solar was listed I would be a share holder.  James Company is growing for very good reason. He knows his industry intimately and on ZBM ZCELL could easily be there best sales outlet when the ‘Flow’ of Zcells and probably LSB kicks into gear.

Other customers and his staff were more than patient during our long discussion.  I will get the photos up later and other relevant information as soon as my brain recovers from music, sports, kids and ….

Photos from the James Bishop’s visit:

ZBM2 with a ZCell BMS
ZBM2 (ZCell) with the ZCell Battery Management System (BMS)

Standard Solar’s Chief Technology Officer James Graham
Standard Solar’s Chief Technology Officer James Graham with two Redflow ZBM2s (ZCells) and a GoodWe hybrid inverter charger

2 ZBM2s with the GoodWe hybrid inverter/charger
2 ZBM2s (ZCells) with a GoodWe hybrid inverter charger

The GoodWe app, showing the status of the overall energy system
The GoodWe app, showing the status of the overall energy system

System setup:

The overall system is run by a GoodWe hybrid inverter charger, with solar and batteries directly interfacing into the inverter, the batteries are interfaced using a ZCell BMS (battery management system).

Once the batteries (ZCell / ZBM2) is interfaced the customer controls their home using the apps provided by the inverter company (in this case GoodWe).