Redflow’s energy storage solutions are ideal for a range of applications.

Commercial and Industrial

Redflow delivers a range of energy storage solutions that keep your critical production lines running through power blackouts and enables you maximise the use of onsite solar while avoiding excessive charges from peak demand tariffs.
Redflow’s unique zinc-bromine flow batteries are designed to power critical sites in the toughest conditions, including temperatures as hot as 45 °C (113 °F) with no external cooling.
This makes Redflow’s batteries the ideal solution for business problems such as poor quality and unreliable power supplies, intermittent renewable energy sources or high demand tariffs.
Redflow energy storage systems can deliver emergency backup power for sites ranging from shopping centres, data centres and factories to telecommunication towers, rural pumping stations and mines.
Delivering 100 per cent of their stored power, Redflow batteries offer a robust backup solution for applications exposed to grid failure.  
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Redflow’s zinc-bromine flow batteries provide energy storage for telecommunications infrastructure internationally.
Redflow’s energy storage solutions equip telecommunications providers with off-grid or backup power supply for remotely located telecoms towers, effectively solving problems caused by unstable grids, blackouts and intermittent renewable energy, while also reducing diesel service and running costs.
Redflow’s zinc-bromine flow batteries have the ability to operate in warm and dusty conditions without active cooling. Other benefits include long-term storage at any state of charge, from full to empty, without damaging the battery, while their construction materials have little resale value, making them less attractive in locations where battery theft is endemic.
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Redflow has delivered remote and off-grid energy storage systems for our customers for almost a decade. Our flow batteries are uniquely suited to this type of application due to their ability to use 100 per cent of stored energy and their unique ‘hibernation mode’, their tolerance to high operating temperatures, and the ability to completely discharge without damage.
With the added benefit of minimal fire risk, the system retains full capacity over time, and can work within a wide range of temperatures with no electrochemical degradation
Our batteries also complement already-installed batteries, due to our inbuilt DC-DC converter which allows us to work seamlessly with new or aged batteries based on other chemistries. 
Current deployments include remote telecommunications sites in South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia.
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Grid services

Redflow energy storage systems are designed to provide energy shifting grid support services. Our zinc-bromine flow batteries respond to calls for grid support within sub-second timeframes, enabling them to provide peak shaving or shifting and energy arbitrage for both behind and in front of the meter. 
When combined with suitable power inverters, this makes our solutions capable of providing an injection or reduction of energy to manage supply and demand.

Our products

Flow Battery

Redflow’s ZBM3 flow battery is the world’s smallest commercially available zinc-bromine flow battery.


Energy Pod

This modular energy storage system is designed for scalable commercial, industrial and utility applications.


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