Grid-Scale energy storage can make renewable-sourced energy available 24x7

Redflow makes renewable-sourced energy available 24×7

Redflow’s 10 kilowatt-hour (kWh) ZBM2, the world’s smallest zinc-bromine flow battery, is easy to deploy in scalable parallel clusters for high availability, high scale deployments at the largest sites.

As demonstrated by the Redflow LSB (Large Scale Battery) reference platform, ZBM2 batteries can provide as much as 600kWh of sustained storage capacity to meet the on-demand energy needs of large commercial and grid-scale applications.

Redflow developed its LSB grid-scale energy storage reference platform to demonstrate the ZBM battery’s scalability to help overcome the intermittency problem of renewable energy sources.

As renewable energy sources such as wind and solar contribute more to the electricity grid, the challenge of intermittency becomes a threat to grid stability. When the sun goes behind a cloud or the wind stops blowing, the energy supply from renewables can drop faster than fossil-fuelled power generators can pick up the slack.

Grid-scale energy storage solutions – as demonstrated by the Redflow LSB reference platform – can provide the on-demand energy to meet that shortfall. Installed in a 20ft shipping container, the Redflow LSB reference platform shows a plug-and-play large-scale energy storage system that delivers scalable capacity and 24/7 monitoring. This “virtual battery” contains as many as 60 Redflow ZBM2 zinc-bromine batteries, storing as much as 600 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy.

The first Redflow LSB reference platform is installed in Adelaide where it stores and supplies surplus renewable energy for the Base64 business precinct. Capable of supplying four days of continuous electricity for the 50-person facility, the Redflow LSB reference platform reduces energy costs and avoids incurring punitive Demand Tariffs.

Redflow system integrators can tailor the Redflow LSB reference platform to provide major business premises such as shopping centres or factories with battery-stored energy to “shave” demand peaks and continue operation during power blackouts. This both avoids peak Demand Tariffs, and removes demand from the grid, benefitting overall grid stability.

Large-scale batteries such as the Redflow LSB reference platform provide a critical component for the 21st century energy ecosystem by enabling the grid to integrate renewable energy sources as part of its on-demand baseload power supply.

Redflow battery benefits include:

  • Storing solar energy till it’s needed, eliminating the intermittency of renewable power
  • Providing as much as 600 kWh of energy with no storage capacity loss over 10 years
  • Delivering 100% depth of discharge daily
  • ‘Virtual genset’ mode loses no power over time and starts in 30 seconds
  • Working in temperatures as warm as 50 degrees C (122 degrees F) without active cooling
  • Inherently non-flammable electrolyte means it has low risk of thermal runaway
  • Allows remote access or monitoring via the Internet to reduce the need for site visits
  • Battery size and unique design reduces the risk of theft
  • Storage at any state of charge – from empty to full – for months or years. Please contact Redflow for further details on this option.

To learn more, visit the Redflow LSB (Large Scale Battery) reference platform page or contact Redflow.