ZBM2 integrators


Redflow’s unique ZBM2 zinc-bromine flow batteries are designed for stationary energy storage applications for industrial, commercial, telecommunications and grid-scale deployment.  ZBM2 batteries are sold, installed and maintained by an international network of system integrators

ZBM2 integrators

System integratorProductRegion/sC&ITelcoGridResidential
Blue Sky EnergyZBM2AustriaX
CellnexxZBM2United Kingdom,
Green StealthZBM2Kuwait, Jordan, LebanonXX
Jaladri Prima IntertradeZBM2IndonesiaXX
SMS Global Technologies Inc.ZBM2PhilippinesX
Specialized Solar SystemsZBM2South Africa and southern AfricaXXX
TSUS Excellent Engineering CoZBM2ThailandXX
VertivZBM2Australia, New ZealandXX

For more information about Redflow’s international network of ZBM2 system integrators, visit https://redflow.com/system-integrators/

LSB (Large Scale Battery) reference platform


Redflow has designed and developed a Large Scale Battery reference platform to demonstrate the efficacy of a large energy storage system, containing as many as 60 ZBM2 batteries, in a 20ft shipping container with scalable energy capacity and 24/7 monitoring.

Redflow assists its system integrators to design their own large scale batteries with an agreed number of 10kWh ZBM2 batteries to meet the customer’s required application. The system is interfaced to an external inverter through high-efficiency power electronics.

Product Features

Tailored large-scale energy storage solution

  • The LSB reference platform can provide a large DC energy storage solution to meet your needs
  • The LSB can interface with commercially available inverters for a wide range of AC applications.

Large and scalable energy capacity

  • Standard 20ft shipping container configuration features 60 ZBM2 batteries that deliver peak 300kW, continuous 240kW and 600kWh.
  • Flexible ZBM2 configurations are available for specific requirements.
  • When large energy storage is needed, the LSB can be paralleled to form multiple container configurations.

Robust and long-life ZBM design

  • Each LSB contains a number of robust ZBM2 batteries.
  • Inherent 100% depth-of-discharge characteristics prevent battery damage
    from power outages, which is perfect for renewable energy or unstable grids.
  • Guaranteed indefinite life when fully discharged with no maintenance required.
  • No trickle charge required when deployed or stored.
  • Guaranteed energy throughput.

Inherently safe and smart ZBM design

  • Zinc-bromide electrolyte is a water-based natural fire retardant.
  • Physical separation of the cell stack and energy storage tank means there is no thermal runaway.

24/7 monitoring and diagnostics

  • Each ZBM2 is equipped with a Module Management System (MMS) for self-monitoring, real-time data capturing and error reporting. This information can be accessed through the LSB MODBUS communications.

Flexible Configurations


The Redflow LSB reference platform assists system integrators to design an energy storage system containing an agreed number of ZBM2 batteries to meet your specific application. The ZBM2 features Building Block Technology and flexible modular design, enabling your integrator to configure an LSB to your requirements.

Typical LSB Charge and Discharge Curve

LSB Battery Current vs Battery Voltage

System Integrators

For assistance with installation and integration, please contact the Redflow team.

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ZBM2 zinc-bromine flow battery

ZBM2 - where power meets intelligence, delivering sustained energy storage from the world’s smallest zinc-bromine flow battery, monitored and managed online.

Rewriting battery rules. 100% storage. 100% available

Redflow’s ZBM2 battery is a unique energy storage system that redefines your understanding of how a battery works. This scalable 10 kilowatt-hour (kWh) zinc-bromine flow battery delivers 100 per cent depth of discharge each day for a warranted 10 years – without causing any damage to the battery.

High performance. At high temperatures

The ZBM2 performs flawlessly in hot climatic conditions without external cooling. Unlike legacy battery chemistries, the performance, safety and operational lifetime of the ZBM2 zinc-bromine flow battery is unaffected by ambient temperatures as hot as 50°C (122°F).

10 kWh capacity. From Day One to Year 10

The ZBM2 delivers 10 kWh of sustained energy storage every day, backed by Redflow’s 10-year warranty. ZBM2 zinc-bromine flow batteries provide 100 per cent of their stored energy, with no loss of storage capacity – for a decade!

Standby for years. Start in seconds

The ZBM2 zinc-bromine flow battery can be stored at any state of charge – from full to empty – for weeks, months or even years. When you need power, the ZBM2 starts within 30 seconds, ready to deliver 100 per cent of its stored energy.

Scalable storage. From one to dozens

The ZBM2 zinc-bromine flow battery is designed to work on its own and can also scale to work as part of a much larger energy storage system, with as many batteries as you require.  ZBM2s are easy to deploy in scalable parallel clusters for high availability, high scale deployments at the largest sites.

Internet-ready. For easy remote access

The ZBM2 battery management system (BMS) captures performance data in real-time to enable 24/7 remote monitoring. Monitor and manage your ZBM2 batteries from your computer or mobile phone, using easy web-based notifications and controls.

Environment-friendly battery. Fully recyclable

The ZBM2 zinc-bromine flow battery is made from easily recycled or reused components. At its end of life, the battery’s zinc bromide electrolyte solution can be purified and used for new batteries.

Safe energy storage. Wherever you need it

ZBM2s are intrinsically safe devices, even when used in the most demanding locations. The temperature-tolerant zinc-bromine flow battery contains an inherently non-flammable electrolyte solution, with a design that means there’s no chance of ‘thermal runaway’.

Sustained storage. 10-year warranty

Redflow’s ZBM2 zinc-bromine flow battery delivers 10 kWh of energy storage, with 100 per cent depth of discharge, on a daily basis for a warranted battery lifetime of 10 years or 36,500 kWh energy throughput – whichever comes first.

Simple. One-step charging

Using 100 per cent of its 10 kWh energy storage capacity, Redflow’s ZBM2 zinc-bromine flow battery delivers a constant power supply, due to a flat voltage curve and simple one-stage charge profile.

Redflow. Redefines the battery

Redflow’s zinc-bromine flow battery redefines your understanding of how a battery works. With 100 per cent depth of discharge daily, the ZBM2 delivers a sustained 10kWh of energy storage capacity throughout its operating life.

ZBM2 Technical Specifications


  • 48 Volt DC nominal batteries (typical operating range 40-60V)


  • Maximum 10kWh energy output per daily cycle
  • No reserved battery capacity requirement – full 10kWh cycle depth available


  • 845 L x 823 H x 400 W (mm)
  • 33 L x 32 H x 16 W (in)


  • 240 kg (530 lb) with electrolyte
  • 90 kg (198 lb) without electrolyte

Electrolyte volume

  • 100 L (26Gal)

Net energy efficiency

  • 80% DC-DC Max

Internal (electrolyte) operating temperature

  • Operating electrolyte temperature range of 15°C to 50°C (59°F to 122°F), ZBM2 can typically operate at ambient temperatures outside this range for extended periods


  • MODBUS RS485

Safety data sheet

  • DG Class 8 for electrolyte 

Power rating

  • 3kW (5kW peak)
  • 3kW continuous: current up to 75A (40V disconnection point) *1
  • 5kW duration depending on the State of Charge (SOC): current up to 125A (40V disconnection point) *1, 2

Regulatory compliance marks

  • CE and RCM


  • 36,500 kWh of energy delivered or 10 years (whichever comes first) *3
  • Expected electrode stack throughput 40,000 kWh
  • No cycle depth limitations – battery performance and lifetime is not sensitive to cycle depth

* 1 Values reported for ZBM2 at 100% state of health (SOH) and room temperature
* 2 Redflow internal testing shows a 5kW supply for approximately 45 minutes before disconnection, for a ZBM2 starting at 100% state of charge (SOC)
* 3 See full warranty document for details, Terms and Conditions apply

Energy storage systems

Energy storage for residential, industrial, commercial, telecommunications and grid-scale deployment

Store and shift renewable energy, manage peak grid load and support off-grid power systems and telecommunications with Redflow’s ZBM2 and ZCell zinc-bromine flow batteries and the company’s Large Scale Battery reference platform energy storage solution.  Featuring a plug-and-play storage system and the ability to self-manage, protect and monitor 24/7, our range of zinc-bromide flow batteries can shift energy in large volumes. The batteries are designed to support applications ranging from telecommunications and renewables integration to on-grid and off grid remote power, microgrids and smart grids, and transmission and distribution deferral.

Redflow ZBM2

ZBM2 batteries are ideal for residential, telecommunications, commercial and industrial and grid-scale energy storage

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Redflow ZCell

ZCell is the unique zinc-bromine flow battery designed to provide energy storage for your home or office in Australia

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Demonstration Trial Partners

Redflow has installed electricity storage system with end users, such as utilities and research organisations, for demonstration and trial purposes.

Ergon Energy Corporation

Ergon Energy

Ergon Energy is the Queensland Government-owned electricity distributor to regional Queensland, with an asset base of $8 billion and more than 650,000 residential and business customers.

RedFlow supplied 30 ZBM systems for installation and integration within the Ergon Energy electricity supply network, as part of the Australian Government’s Advanced Electricity Storage Technologies (AEST) program. The systems were used for managing peak electricity demand within three locations in Ergon Energy’s rural network and were remotely monitored by both RedFlow and Ergon Energy.

Ausgrid and the Australian Government


Ausgrid is a major utility in New South Wales Australia.  In conjunction with the Australian Government’s Smart Grid, Smart City trial, Redflow installed sixty R510 residential energy storage units in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley as part of the Australian Government’s Smart Grid, Smart City project.  Redflow’s involvement with this part of the project extended from late 2011 to mid-2013.

Another R510 was also installed as part of the Newington Smart Home sub-project.  Redflow began its involvement with this trial in 2010 with a lead-acid energy storage system, after which the system was upgraded to an R510 in late 2011 before ending its time at the Smart Home in mid-2013.

Please see the Smart Grid, Smart Cities R510 Case Study for more information regarding Redflow’s experience with Australian utility, Ausgrid, of the design, installation and operation of 61 R510 electricity storage systems in New South Wales, Australia. Redflow’s Whitepaper also provides an overview of key results and lessons learnt from the project.

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Redflow is keen to partner with suitably qualified commercial energy system integration companies in Australia and internationally.  Companies should demonstrate experience and expertise in areas including telecommunications, commercial and industrial, grid-scale and residential energy storage. Have a question? Email Us

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ZBM2 System Integrators

Redflow’s ZMB2 zinc-bromine flow batteries are sold, integrated and maintained through the following global list of system integrators:

Please note Redflow does not sell to the public, only to qualified System Integrators. Please contact us for more information about becoming a System Integrator.


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