Delta Electrics

Northern Territory

Delta Electrics is a leading supplier of power-related products and services in the Northern Territory employing 17 staff and with a turnover in excess of $8 million per annum. We maintain a Quality System in accordance with ISO 9001. Delta Electrics recognises that the Occupational Health and Safety of employees are of paramount importance to the company and is fully committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment in compliance with all statutory requirements and relevant Australian Standards. Delta Electrics holds accreditation with the following organisations: Our customers include some of the biggest companies operating in the Northern Territory (eg Power Water, Territory Generation, Australian Department of Defence, Telstra, McArthur River Mining/Xstrata and Energy Resources Australia). Delta’s client base spans an extensive range of industry sectors such as:

  • Mining and Resources
  • Defence
  • Telecommunications
  • Power Utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Media
  • Agriculture
  • Local Councils
  • Government Agencies
  • Construction
  • General Industry
  • Remote Aboriginal Communities

Our company values reflect the way we like to do work:

  • Our people are the basis of our success
  • Going the extra mile to deliver solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers
  • Providing the largest possible range of parts and equipment
  • Delivering on our value proposition every time
  • Building long-term sustainable business relationships
  • Respecting the environment

Delta Electrics NT Pty Ltd

  • Address: 154 Coonawarra Road, Winnellie NT 0820
  • Postal Address: PO Box 38471, Winnellie NT 0821
  • Business Hours: Mon – Fri 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Sales Enquiries: 
  • Service Enquiries: 
  • Phone: 08 8984 4033 or 1800 670 087
  • Fax: 08 8947 0421
  • Web:

Redflow batteries and Victron inverters

Redflow’s ZBM2 and ZCell zinc-bromine flow batteries have worked with Victron Energy’s MultiGrid 48/3000 battery inverter since it was approved to connect to the Australian electricity grid in 2017.

Redflow batteries also work with Victron’s popular MultiPlus inverter range, including the MultiPlus-II, which was launched earlier this year. The MultiGrid 48/3000 is a version of the MultiPlus 48/3000 inverter enhanced to meet the AS/NZS4777.2:2015 standard for grid connection of energy systems via battery inverters.

The Victron MultiGrid 48/3000 inverter is listed on the Clean Energy Council website at

ASX-listed Redflow (ASX: RFX) produces Australia’s unique ZBM2 and ZCell zinc-bromine flow batteries, which offer significant advantages over legacy lead-acid and lithium-based batteries including 100 per cent daily depth of discharge, sustained energy storage capacity and tolerance of warm ambient temperatures as hot as 50 degrees Celsius.

Redflow System Integration Architect Simon Hackett said the Victron MultiGrid 48/3000 inverter for grid-connected battery systems was good news for consumers. “Victron inverters are easy to configure, they work beautifully with our ZBM2 and ZCell batteries and they are competitively priced,” he said.

“Victron inverters have proved popular with Redflow customers who install off-grid energy storage systems, so AS4777.2 approval makes these inverters available to a much larger market. Victron inverters integrate easily with single-battery ZCell systems and are fully compatible with all major brands of AC solar inverters. This certification builds on the strength of the Victron product line in off-grid scenarios where it has a long pedigree in Australia.”

Victron inverters are successfully integrated with many Redflow battery-based energy storage systems including:

A six-ZCell deployment in central Queensland

A major printed circuit board factory in Johannesburg, South Africa 

A two-level commercial building in the Adelaide CBD.

Founded in The Netherlands in 1975, Victron Energy first built a strong international reputation for its automotive and marine battery inverters. The privately owned company then entered the solar PV market, leveraging its experience to build robust and reliable off-grid battery inverters which are now certified for use with grid-connected hybrid energy storage systems.

To learn more about Victron inverters in Australia, visit


BMS – Battery Management System

Redflow's Battery Management System (BMS) creates 'smart batteries'

The key to Redflow’s “smart batteries” is the Redflow Battery Management System (BMS) which:

  • Simplifies Redflow battery deployment and configuration
  • Remotely monitors and manages Redflow batteries
  • Ensures Redflow batteries always contain the latest software updates.

Control via a web browser

The BMS is a small DIN Rail-mounted device that connects one or more Redflow batteries with the inverter-charger that your installer provides for your energy storage system. The BMS lets you set up, monitor, and control your Redflow battery using a web browser. It also provides battery status and operational information to your AC inverter-charger so that it can optimise its use of the electrical energy stored in your battery.

Embedded know-how

The Redflow BMS is a device that embeds more than a decade of know-how in the efficient and effective real-world operation of Redflow’s unique zinc-bromine flow battery. The BMS enables rapid on-site commissioning using just a smartphone or laptop. The BMS also provides secure remote access via any Internet path, using its built-in Ethernet or WiFi ports, to the Redflow battery management cloud service.

Cloud-enabled remote monitoring and management

The Redflow BMS leverages modern cloud infrastructure to enable easy and effective remote access to installations of Redflow’s zinc-bromine flow batteries. The BMS supports remote system performance monitoring, alarm monitoring, diagnostics, performance optimisation and software updates. The BMS also gives integrators a “fleet-wide” view of their customer sites and enables Redflow to cooperatively optimise sites with integrators.

Real-time display and system control

The Redflow BMS ‘knows’ how to efficiently run ZBM2 and ZCell batteries including:

  • Seamlessly managing battery maintenance cycles
  • Optimising energy efficiency by sequencing batteries in charge and discharge to suit the application requirements
  • Real-time status display and system control
  • Continuous logging performance data to the secure Redflow cloud, and
  • Remote battery fault detection and management.

Industry standard

The Redflow BMS uses industry-standard protocols to interface ZCell or ZBM2 clusters to energy storage systems. The primary protocols supported for energy system interfaces are CANBus BMS protocols, MODBUS-TCP, and URL-based data retrieval using JSON or plain text.


  • Isolated Power Supply input (9-65V DC)
  • Ethernet and WiFi Internet access ports
  • Opto-Isolated CANBus port for energy system interfacing
  • RS485 MODBUS port for ZCell/ZBM2 connection
  • Dry-contact relay for external device control using built-in event-based rules engine
  • Also supports external device control via MODBUS-TCP write commands and using USB-attached relays, and
  • USB ports for future expansion.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of Redflow’s ZBM2 zinc-bromine flow battery. 

ZCell – residential

ZCell is the unique zinc-bromine flow battery designed for your home or office.

Australian-designed. Battery redefined

The Australian-designed ZCell is an energy storage system built around Redflow’s unique zinc-bromine flow battery, which redefines your understanding of how a battery works.

Use 100% daily. In a fraction of the space

ZCell is a scalable 10 kilowatt-hour (kWh) zinc-bromine flow battery that can deliver 100 per cent depth of discharge each day.  ZCell comes in an attractive, outdoor enclosure.

Use your solar. Lower your bills

A ZCell-based energy storage system cuts your power costs by letting you use your solar energy when you need it, rather than selling excess solar power to the grid cheap and buying it back high.

Energy independence. Go off grid

ZCell provides the perfect energy storage solution for remote properties. Rather than pay a high price to join the power grid, buy a robust ZCell-based energy system integrated with solar panels for a fraction of that cost. Use your own stored solar-generated energy and pay no power bills – ever!

Power on. Through blackouts

ZCell gives you energy independence and keeps your lights on during grid blackouts. A ZCell energy storage system can keep your business running when your competitors are paralysed by power cuts.

10 kWh capacity. From Day One to Year 10

ZCell can deliver 10 kWh of sustained energy storage every day. Redflow backs ZCell with a 10-year warranty (see full warranty for details).

Environmentally friendly. Fully recyclable

The ZCell zinc-bromine flow battery is made from easily recycled or reused components. At its end of life, the battery’s zinc bromide electrolyte solution can be purified and used for new batteries. ZCell also helps to reduce carbon emissions. “With Redflow ZCell batteries and Tindo Solar panels, we can seriously reduce our carbon emissions,” said Craig Wilkins, CEO of Conservation SA.

Safe energy storage. For your home or office

Redflow’s zinc-bromine flow batteries are intrinsically safe devices. These temperature-tolerant zinc-bromine flow batteries contain an inherently non-flammable electrolyte solution, with a design that means there’s no chance of ‘thermal runaway’ – unlike legacy batteries. “ZCell can cope with a high heat environment, which is not true of a lot of batteries,” said Google Engineering Director ANZ Alan Noble, an early ZCell customer.

Redflow. Redefines the battery

Redflow’s ZCell zinc-bromine flow battery redefines your understanding of how a battery works. With 100 per cent depth of discharge daily, the ZCell delivers a sustained 10kWh of energy storage capacity throughout its operating life.

ZCell dimensions

Width 486mm; Length 1160mm; Height 1026mm; Weight: About 290kg.

ZCell technical documents and customer case studies

Document nameDescriptionIssue date
Redflow ZBM2 Battery WarrantyRedflow ZBM2 Battery WarrantyJuly 2019
Redflow Battery Enclosure WarrantyRedflow Battery Enclosure WarrantyJuly 2019
Redflow BMS WarrantyRedflow BMS (Battery Management System) WarrantyJuly 2019
ZBM2 White PaperUnderstanding the Redflow batteryOctober 2018
ZCell FAQAnswers to frequently-asked questions about Redflow batteriesOctober 2017
Optimal applications for the Redflow batteryOptimal Applications for the Redflow BatterySeptember 2019
ZCell installersA list of trained ZCell installers throughout Australia

ZCell customer case studies

Customer nameDescriptionRelease date
Case study: John Altree-WilliamsZCell storage system cuts home power bill by 80% (Adelaide, SA)June 2018
Case study: Scott HicksZCell eliminates power costs for holiday house (Mannum, SA)May 2018
Case study: Bates familyQueensland home sets Redflow residential recordOctober 2017
Case study: Adrian ShandVictorian couple lives off-grid dream with RedflowOctober 2017
Case study: Alan NobleAlan Noble fires up ZCell for bushfire defences (Willunga, South Australia)October 2016
Case study: Conservation SAConservation SA showcases ZCell (Adelaide, South Australia)October 2016


ZCell powers ahead and cuts energy costs

Redflow’s ZCell residential battery enables homes and small businesses to self-consume their own solar energy, reduce energy costs and keep the lights on during power blackouts.

Australia is the ideal place for energy storage in the home or business, with high energy costs, widespread solar panel deployment and rapidly disappearing government solar feed-in tariffs. Rather than selling your solar power to the grid cheap and buying it back at a higher price, ZCell batteries let you store your own solar energy for when you need it. ZCell gives you greater energy independence and keeps your lights on when grid power blacks out.

Simon Hackett explains how the coming energy storage revolution disrupts the power system CLICK TO WATCH:

For home-based offices and small businesses, a ZCell energy storage system can keep your business running when your competitors are paralysed by power cuts.

If you’re building a new house on the urban fringe or turning your beachside weekender into your dream retirement home, ZCell can provide you with the perfect energy storage solution. Rather than paying more than $100,000 to connect a remote property to the grid – and facing a future filled with increasingly expensive electricity invoices – you can install a robust ZCell battery system with solar panels for a fraction of that cost and harvest your own stored solar-generated energy, with no power bills – ever!

As well as helping your hip pocket, ZCell energy storage also reduces carbon emissions, laying the path to a cleaner, more sustainable future. ZCell is built from easily recyclable or reusable materials, so there are no toxic leftovers at the end of its working life. Redflow backs ZCell with a 10-year warranty (see full warranty for details).

What makes ZCell unique in a world of lead-acid and lithium-based batteries is that it experiences no loss of energy storage capacity over time. So, in 10 years’ time, your ZCell will store 10 kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy – just as it did on the day you bought it.

ZCell is intrinsically safe for homes and offices, with its electrolyte made from bromine, an inherently non-flammable material. Deployed and configured by an approved installer, ZCell is a set-and-forget solution, although Redflow’s web-based Battery Management System (BMS) automatically records performance details which you can view from your computer or smartphone. Redflow battery benefits include:

  • ZCell is the world’s smallest zinc-bromine flow battery, designed in Australia
  • ZCell reduces your electricity costs by storing your solar energy for when you need it
  • ZCell batteries deliver 100% depth of discharge daily
  • Redflow backs ZCell with a 10-year warranty (see full warranty for details).
  • ZCell can be stored at any state of charge – from empty to full – for months or years
  • ZCell’s ‘virtual genset’ mode loses no power over time and starts in 30 seconds
  • ZCell’s inherently non-flammable electrolyte means it has low risk of thermal runaway
  • ZCell can power fire defence systems on high bushfire-risk days, when the grid sheds power
  • ZCell comes in an attractive on-ground outdoor enclosure for easy installation
  • ZCell has a smart, self-protecting, Internet-enabled Battery Management System (BMS)
  • ZCell is made from easily reusable and recyclable materials.
  • ZCell stores 10kWh of energy with no storage capacity loss over 10 years. Please contact Redflow for further details on this option.

ZCell is sold nationally through approved ZCell installers. To learn more about ZCell, visit or contact a ZCell approved installer for a quote.

Redflow residential energy storage: More resources

Customer case study:  Alan Noble fires up ZCell for bushfire defences

Customer case study: Conservation SA showcases ZCell

Customer case study: Hackett house powers through state-wide blackout

ZCell approved installers:

International partners

Redflow’s unique ZBM2 zinc-bromine flow batteries are designed for stationary energy storage applications for industrial, commercial, telecommunications and grid-scale deployment.  ZBM2 batteries are sold, installed and maintained by an international network of system integrators

International partners

System integratorProductRegion/sC&ITelcoGridResidential
Mobax Group & Neocom SolutionsZBM2South Africa (telecommunications)X
Specialized Solar SystemsZBM2South Africa and southern Africa (solar & microgrids)XX
Switchboard ServicesZBM2New Zealand, Fiji, Pacific IslandsXX
TSUS Excellent Engineering CoZBM2ThailandXX
VertivZBM2Australia, New ZealandXX


Australian partners

As well as ZBM2, Redflow produces ZCell, an Australian-designed energy storage system built around the company’s unique 10 kilowatt-hour (kWh) zinc-bromine flow battery. ZCell is available for purchase and installation only in Australia.

Australian partners

720 ElectricalVictoria, NSWXXXX
Lifestyle Electrical ServicesTASX
Carbon Friendly EnergyQLDX
TIEC ElectricalWA (South-West)XXX
Delta ElectricsNTXXX
Solar and Batteries DirectQLD, NSWXXXX
Australia Wide SolarNSWXXXX
MyEnergy Engineering SA, VIC, NTXXXXX

Redflow is progressively adding installation partners over time. If you represent or work with an energy storage system installation company and would like to explore accreditation to install ZCell-based energy systems, email your details to we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

Simon Hackett shows his home ZBM2 energy system

CCGX Solar Generation Example
Redflow Executive Chairman and CEO Simon Hackett reports that his ZBM2-based energy storage system works very well indeed – and flawlessly from the standpoint of his family, who see a house that ‘just works’ – even when the grid doesn’t. “We all appreciate seeing the house operating well into most evenings on time-shifted solar energy harvested during the day,” writes in a blog published at

TSUS Excellent Engineering Co


In October 2016 Redflow appointed TEE as a system integrator based in Thailand. TEE has been an affiliate of TSUS GROUP (TSUS Excellent Engineering Company Ltd) since 2001. The organisation is both an EPC and distributor of energy systems. TEE was established by a group of engineers, who graduated from Chiang Mai University, Thailand; with both master’s degrees and doctorates (PHDs) in engineering. Its engineering teams have expertise in electrical, mechanical, energy and environmental industries; through research, design, construction, installation and maintenance. TEE aims to continue to innovate for commercial clients by helping them conserve energy. The organisation also supports SMEs (small to medium enterprises) by using technology that saves costs on production. TEE is dedicated to building strong relationships with tangible outcomes.

Contact TEE, Thailand.
Email :
Bangkok Office: IDEO Q  BUILDING   138/65 Phayathai Rd., Rattawee , Bangkok ,Thailand.
Head Office: TSUS BUILDING(A) 130/10 M1.,T.Changphuak,A.Muang,Chiangmai,Thailand.

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