Energy Pod


A scalable energy storage solution


The Redflow Energy Pod200 is our scalable storage solution, which is our core building block for larger systems. Whether commercial and industrial, telco, utility, remote/off grid or grid services, the Redflow Energy Pod200 is the custom solution for your energy storage needs.
The Energy Pod200 has been specifically designed to hold 20 of our
10 kWh ZBM3 flow batteries, which are encased in a custom enclosure providing electrical protection and power conditioning, enabling it to deliver energy safely and reliably across a range of applications.
Our Energy Pod200s can be also grouped into banks to create microgrid or MWh size storage solutions, allowing them to be a flexible solution for your needs.

Click here to download the Energy Pod200 datasheet.

Key applications

+ Peak-shaving
+ Bulk energy shifting
+ Renewables integration
+ Smart grid support
+ Backup power
+ Microgrid


Key benefits


Simple, modular and scalable architecture.


Variable DC output compatible with a wide range of commercially available power inverters.


Easy to integrate with a wide range of Energy Management Systems via industry standard communication protocols.


Real-time, web-based monitoring and control including accurate state of charge reporting and real time data logging.


Automated operational oversight, including leak monitoring and protection against voltage and temperature excursions.


Automatic power management at end of discharge, independent of inverter command.


Our energy storage systems are an ideal solution for commercial, industrial, telecommunications and grid-scale deployment


Case studies


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