First deliveries of zinc-bromine flow batteries

RedFlow Technologies Ltd (RedFlow) is pleased to announce that it has installed the first two zinc-bromine Power+BOS® energy storage systems into the electricity network of Ergon Energy Corporation, a major Australian utility. These are part of the program that will include thirty systems by the end of 2009.

The Power+BOS® systems are a fully packaged energy storage unit. They comprise a zinc bromine battery module, with inverter, control systems and communications for remote monitoring and control. The systems are fully certified for grid connection, and are assembled in a sealed enclosure. Redflow will be delivering at a rate of approximately four such systems per month until late 2009.

The batteries and Power+BOS® units are manufactured in RedFlow’s Brisbane facility, with equipment and materials sourced worldwide. The units are being installed in conjunction with solar PV and are operated in a peak-lopping mode.

RedFlow CEO Chris Winter commented “This milestone confirms RedFlow’s position as one of the leading developers and manufacturers of advanced energy storage systems globally.

The battery modules now being delivered are our second generation design. Information from these trials will assist in product optimisation for the release of our full commercial product, planned for 2010”.

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