Redflow solar power battery giving Tesla a run for its money

Australian battery company, Redflow, are the new kids on the block in the increasingly competitive battery storage industry. As solar power grows in popularity for Australian homeowners and policy makers alike, industry innovators are capitalising greatly.  Australian solar consumers are now spoilt for choice in terms of the battery storage options at their fingertips. The one question is, which one do they choose? Well, Redflow executive chairman Simon Hackett says his battery is in a league above the rest. Click here to read the full article on Australian Solar Quotes


Redflow launches ZCell battery to rival Tesla Powerwall

Australian battery specialist Redflow has launched a residential energy storage solution called ZCell – a product that will rival Tesla’s Powerwall, which launched in Australia in late January. Like the Powerwall, the product allows users to store energy derived from solar or other sources of alternative power in the day and use it at night, or store off-peak power for high-demand periods. Read Daniel Palmer’s report at Delimiter



Aussie company Redflow brings a new home energy battery to the market

Though the technology was popularised by US company Tesla Energy’s Powerwall, innovation in battery storage has often been made by Australian companies — as many remote areas of the country are dependent on off-grid technologies. Aussie company Redflow is no different, announcing their new ZCell battery — an energy storage system that presents an alternative to traditional lead acid and lithium ion batteries. Click here to read Hayley Williams’ full article on Gizmodo Australia.


Redflow takes on Telsa with 10kWh solar battery

Technology entrepreneur Simon Hackett is betting big on batteries, tackling Tesla head-on with a 10 kilowatt hour battery for Australian homes. The ZCell, from Australian battery firm Redflow, can store 10kWh of energy, allowing people to “timeshift” solar power from day to night, store off-peak power for peak demand periods and support off-grid systems, reports David Swan in The Australian. Read his full story here

Redflow takes on Tesla Powerwall with ZCell home battery

Redflow executive chairman Simon Hackett owns three Tesla cars but when it comes to home batteries he believes he can go one better than the Californian car maker. His company’s ZCell home battery using zinc-bromide “flow” technology performed better than the lithium-ion systems dominating the market, he told Angela Macdonald-Smith in the Sydney Morning Herald. Read more online

Redflow’s Hackett: We’re better than Tesla’s home battery storage

Simon Hackett, the executive chairman of Australian battery storage developer Redflow, declares himself to be the number one fan of Tesla electric vehicles in Australia. But he insists that Redflow’s battery storage product is better than the Tesla Powerwall. Redflow threw down the gauntlet to its much-hyped international rival on Wednesday, announcing the release of the ZCell battery storage product, bigger and more expensive than Tesla and other big name products, but one Hackett expects to be a force in the market. Click here to read Giles Parkinson’s article in RenewEconomy