30 MAY 2023

Brisbane City Council boosts resilience with
Redflow batteries

Redflow announces the commissioning of a 30 kWh battery energy storage system at the Brisbane City Council Willawong Animal Rehoming Centre.


Redflow (ASX: RFX), a global leader in clean energy storage, announced today the commissioning of a 30 kWh battery energy storage system at the Brisbane City Council Willawong Animal Rehoming Centre.

The Brisbane City Council (BCC) is Australia’s largest local government authority in terms of both population and budget and has been a leader in sustainability practices for more than 20 years, achieving carbon neutrality for its operations in 2017.

The new energy storage solution is part of a new BCC program designed to explore the use of battery storage as a part of its sustainability program.

The Willawong Animal Rehoming Centre was selected for the initial site due to ongoing issues experienced with grid outages. The centre has critical loads required to support operations including refrigeration for the storage of vaccines and medications used in the onsite veterinary offices. The BCC was looking for a reliable backup solution that would prevent these loads being affected by outages and ultimately losing vital and expensive animal medicines.

“The recent commissioning of the Brisbane City Council Willawong Rehoming Centre is a great example of local government looking at innovative, safe and reliable long duration energy storage to help with their transition to net zero,” said Redflow CEO and Managing Director Tim Harris.

“As a Brisbane based company who develops our world leading technology right here in Brisbane, we are delighted that the Brisbane City Council has selected Redflow and we are excited to be working with the council to support their broader sustainability and renewable energy initiatives,” Mr Harris said.

The project was deployed with Redflow’s new integration partner Bright Spark Group. The system’s design includes two Deye hybrid inverters that will allow for the future addition of solar PV for expanded utilisation of the batteries.

This initial site represents the first site in the Brisbane City Council’s plan to boost resiliency at government sites across Brisbane.

The funding for this project was provided by the Better Brisbane Proposals initiative, which looks to connect local innovative businesses into the council procurement process.




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