Quindanning delivering cost effective, renewable power

In 2017, owners Geoff and Roz transported a derelict building made up of two hexagonal pods to their rural property in the south-west of Western Australia, with the intent of creating their dream retirement home.

With picturesque valley views towards the little town of Quindanning, the 80-hectare property sits high on a ridge surrounded by native bushland. But the  property’s location and difficult access, meant the 6-figure sum to connect to the power grid was cost-prohibitive.

Going off-grid was the obvious solution RBSS was commissioned to design a single battery energy storage system that could meet the couple’s immediate needs and expand when their budget allowed.

The client’s preferred solar panel location amongst trees also created challenges in maximising daily solar yields, especially during the winter months. To compensate, a 9kW PV array was installed on the workshop roof and an existing diesel genset incorporated to be on standby should it be needed.

The Redflow BMS monitors the system sending information to the Victron CCGX panel, which automatically regulates the starting and stopping of the genset to provide additional power when needed. Plus, the genset can be manually switched to take the load required to power the workshop machinery with any excess power generated used to charge the battery.

The RBSS energy storage system installed in Quindanning makes for a truly off-grid lifestyle that has low environment impact and is cost effective - now and into the future.


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