27 JULY 2022

Redflow signs first Australian
0.56 MWh
deployment of Gen3 batteries

Redflow to supply 56 ZBM3 batteries.

Redflow Limited (“Redflow” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce its first large scale commercial sale of its Gen3 batteries. The Company has been contracted to supply 56 Gen3 zinc bromine flow batteries (“ZBMs”) to the reconstruction of Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island, South Australia, as part of its new hybrid renewable energy system.

With no permanent grid power supply, a substantial energy requirement, and a deep commitment to sustainability, the soon to be rebuilt Southern Ocean Lodge will be fully powered by a Hybrid Renewable Energy System (HRES) comprising a ground mounted solar PV array, Battery Energy Storage System (“BESS”) underpinned by Redflow’s batteries and battery management system, diesel generators and an energy management system.

Redflow will supply 56 Gen3 batteries together with the battery management systems and monitoring capability to fulfill the site requirement of 560 kWh of BESS. Redflow’s ZBMs have a 100% depth-of-discharge capability and use zinc bromine electrolyte that is intrinsically fire retardant. This makes them the ideal energy storage devices for this remote, ecologically sensitive site that is surrounded by native bushland.

Southern Lodge co-founder James Baillie said: “In rebuilding Southern Lodge, we wanted to ensure the new lodge would continue the celebrated position the previous lodge had. At the core of the new lodge’s design is environmental sustainability, and Redflow’s battery and battery management system will support our environment initiatives while powering the lodge.”

Adelaide based system integrator MyEnergy Engineering has been engaged by Gildail Developments who is redeveloping Southern Ocean Lodge on behalf of Baillie Lodges. Redflow has been working closely with MyEnergy to develop the specifications for the 560 kWh capacity energy storage solution.

MyEnergy Engineering Managing Director Ciaram Granger said: “We have been working with Redflow for some time now to finalise designs for this unique site and we look forward to seeing Southern Ocean Lodge back in operation in 2023. We have designed the HRES to incorporate a large solar array and very large Redflow battery bank to minimise the extent to which the site will have to use its diesel generators, by storing
surplus zero emission solar power during the day and time-shifting that power into the building during the evenings.”

Redflow CEO and Managing Director Tim Harris said: “This project will be the first large-scale deployment of our new generation Gen3 zinc bromine battery in Australia, and builds on other previous large scale deployments undertaken by Redflow here and in the US. We are thrilled to have been selected as the energy storage technology for such a landmark destination and look forward to working with systems integrator MyEnergy Engineering on the implementation. The batteries are expected to be delivered before the end of the year and the positive earnings recognised shortly afterwards. We hope that this project is the first of many in Australia as we accelerate this country’s move towards a net zero carbon future.”



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