5 AUGUST 2022

Redflow to supply batteries for Australian government’s Bureau of Meteorology emissions reduction and reliability project

18 ZBM batteries to supply power for critical infrastructure


Redflow has been selected as the energy storage solution supplier for The Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) Renewable Hybrid Power Supply (RHPS) project.

The 180 kWh of Redflow energy storage is part of the BoM’s hybrid solar, battery, diesel solution to provide improved solar utilization as well as backup power for extended operation of the sites in the event of a power failure.

Redflow will supply 18 zinc bromine flow batteries to three weather radar locations in regional NSW - Yeoval, Hillston and Brewarrina. Redflow’s long standing integration partner, Seven20 Electrical, has been awarded the public tender to build the full solution for the Bureau of Meteorology with preparations for deployment planned to commence this month.

Redflow CEO and Managing Director Tim Harris said that by installing Redflow ZBM flow batteries the BoM can be confident of their ongoing operational resilience at their radar sites.

“We are delighted to have been selected for this important project. Redflow batteries are designed for high cycle rate, in medium to long duration applications and with no risk of thermal runaway makes them the perfect solution for the BoM’s regional radar locations.”

“The batteries are ideally suited for extreme conditions with no degradation, coupled with our unique hibernation mode which allows the battery to be left at 100% state of charge for months and then have the ability to rapidly restart makes our batteries the perfect solution,” Mr Harris said.

The Bureau of Meteorology provides a critical service by issuing early warnings of severe weather events to the Australian public and industry. The RHPS at these three sites will improve the reliability of power at these critical infrastructure facilities while simultaneously reducing net emissions and ongoing power costs.

Between 5 and 8 ZBM2 batteries will be deployed per site and will be integrated and controlled using the Redflow Battery Management System which will operate with Victron inverters. A purchase order for the batteries has been received, with delivery planned in the coming weeks and associated earnings recognised shortly afterwards.


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