21 JULY 2021

Rosnay Farm in NSW reduces energy costs by installing Redflow batteries

The Rosnay Organic Wine Estate in Canowindra, NSW. has improved its energy independence and reduced its fossil fuel costs by deploying four Redflow zinc-bromine flow batteries.


Deployed by Redflow system integrator Seven20 Electrical, the containerised system was partly funded by a NSW Department of Primary Industries energy pilot project. The initiative aims to demonstrate how innovative technologies and practices can improve on-farm energy efficiency, energy security and productivity as well as reducing on-farm energy use, costs and emissions.

Founded in 1997, Rosnay Farm produces certified organic wines, olives, and figs.The vines and orchards have never been sprayed with harmful chemicals, a passion that began with Richardā€™s father Clive Statham.

Rosnay Farmā€™s 40 kilowatt-hour (kWh) energy storage system replaces the use of tractor-driven diesel power generation, significantly decreasing on-farm energy costs and increasing capacity in a grid-constrained location. The full scope of the project includes demonstrating on-farm energy generation with solar panels, flow batteries and peer-to-peer energy trading, as well as the electrification of diesel-fuelled equipment.

Rosnay Organic Wines Pty Ltd director, viticulturist and sales and marketing manager Sam Statham said the battery system had significantly increased the estateā€™s energy security to support on-farm processing, including to power its large machinery and refrigeration equipment.

He said Seven20 Electricalā€™s installation of the battery system was incredibly convenient while Redflow had provided ā€œfantastic supportā€ for Rosnay as it integrated the system into its daily operations.

Click below to view the Redflow video case study of the Rosney Farm energy storage system.


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