Redflow is an Australian company with operations in Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth whose ZCell zinc-bromine flow batteries are technically suitable for and are routinely deployed in residential homes around Australia.

Redflow supports the South Australian Government’s establishment of its Home Battery Scheme to provide 40,000 South Australian households with access to a subsidy of as much as $6000 on the cost of a battery and low-interest finance if needed. As well as enabling lower electricity costs for households that buy a battery, these energy storage systems will reduce demand on the electricity network – especially during peak periods – and, in turn, lower energy prices for all South Australians.

Redflow batteries are available in South Australia and nationally through a network of trained installers. South Australian Redflow installation partners have submitted ZCell battery-based energy storage system designs to the South Australian government and have requested approval to subsidise such installations via the Home Battery Scheme.  Redflow will publish details of these packages and the installers concerned via links on this page, after their applications are approved.

Redflow designs and manufactures a small 10kWh zinc-bromine flow battery that offers unique advantages over conventional energy storage chemistries, such as lithium and lead-acid, including:

  • Daily 100 per cent depth of discharge without damage to the battery, with no risk of battery damage if fully discharged
  • Sustained 10 kilowatt-hour storage capacity for its warranted 10 years
  • Tolerance of ambient temperatures as warm as 50 degrees
  • Chemical makeup that is not at risk of exothermic reactions (explosive heat release) if exposed to a fire and with low intrinsic risk of “thermal runaway”
  • A great environmental story with most battery components easily reused or recycled.

Redflow manufactures its core ZBM2 battery systems at a purpose-designed factory in Thailand.

Redflow designed its ZCell battery in Adelaide in 2016 to support the use of the core battery to meet the energy storage and aesthetic needs of residential customers.  The outdoor-rated ZCell enclosure is made by a specialist production partner in Wingfield, SA.  Redflow’s innovative Redflow Battery Management System (BMS) software was designed, developed and continues to be actively evolved by Redflow staff based in Adelaide.

Redflow’s core system integration and testing lab and key technical support resources are also located in Adelaide

The ZCell batteries complies with core technical requirements of the SA Home Battery Scheme including:

  • An installed Ethernet port and Internet accessibility
  • Support for remote registration, monitoring, control and ‘over the air’ software/firmware updates.
  • Compliance with the Best Practice Guide: Battery Storage Equipment – Electrical Safety Requirements, Version 1.0, (Published 06 July 2018)
  • Designed for protection against electronic intrusion and tampering by unauthorised parties, and
  • Redflow’s 10-year / 36,500 kWh battery warranty exceeds the Scheme’s required warranty of seven years under daily cycling operation.

For more information about Redflow’s ZCell battery for residential energy storage application, view our ZCell page.