New Redflow CTO Steve Hickey outlines benefits of zinc-bromine batteries in Calibre Group video

Redflow Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Steve Hickey

Redflow’s new Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Steve Hickey explains the benefits of the company’s zinc-bromine flow batteries in a recent video published by Sydney-based Calibre Group.

North Sydney-based Calibre is a trusted partner within the resources, urban development, technologies, defence, transport and infrastructure markets.

Mr Hickey, who previously worked as an engineer for Redflow from 2008 to 2013, explains that Redflow’s batteries are the smallest modular flow batteries in production in the world. “They are particularly suited to renewable integration, and that’s because it can be operated at full capacity and down again without degradation,” he said.

In the following video, Mr Hickey and Calibre’s Principal Engineer Pradeep Pejavar explain the benefits of battery storage, especially Redflow’s innovative modular zinc-bromine flow batteries.