This article reports about the successful demonstration of the Redflow’s unique zinc-bromine flow battery integrated into a standard telecommunication (Telco) DC system at -48V. The ZBM2 energy storage systems, installed directly on the DC bus, can replace standard lead-acid batteries and support the load when the power from the grid or from a diesel generator (DG) is not available. In this specific study, the ZBMs are used to integrate renewable sources (PV) with an existing DG allowing the coexistence of multiple sources, absorbing the load and PV fluctuations and most importantly reducing the DG run time. To learn more, download Redflow’s telco application White Paper

The DG is simulated using the grid supply. This also demonstrates the excellent response of Redflow ZBM2 batteries in brown sites (where there is no reliable grid support). This application is recognised to be of crucial importance for system integrators globally, as remote Base Telecommunication Stations (BTSs) must be powered at all times when a reliable source of energy is not available. This article covers the systems technical specifications, test conditions and criteria, test data analysis and conclusions.