Flow batteries are a well-understood class of energy storage device. Before Redflow, commercial flow batteries were too large, in terms of both physical size, storage capacity, for common commercial and residential energy storage applications.
Redflow has successfully designed and commercialised a small, modular, flow battery based on zinc-bromine reactants and referred as ZBM (Zinc Bromide Module). Redflow’s ZBM2 zinc-bromine flow battery has proved versatile and successful for a range of energy storage applications.

In this white paper, Redflow’s world-leading zinc-bromine flow battery technology is described to highlight flow battery advantages, resilience and robustness. After introducing the battery, its underlying composition is discussed. Key advantages of this technology are listed, along with the design choices that made the ZBMd a reliable and robust battery. The white paper also broadly addresses the topic of ZBM2 installation and integration. Specific application notes and design guidelines can be found on the Redflow website.

To learn more, download this White Paper about understanding the zinc-bromine flow battery.