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Redflow offers leading solutions for reliable and sustainable energy storage. With more than 15 years’ experience in deploying energy storage and supporting critical infrastructure, Redflow’s innovative technology has been proven in the harshest conditions across the planet.

Our zinc-based flow battery is one of the world’s safest, scalable and most sustainable energy storage solutions. The battery offers a long-life design and a chemistry that makes use of cost effective, abundant, fire-safe, and low toxicity materials.
Redflow’s batteries are ideal for extended duration energy storage applications in a wide range of scenarios, from small commercial installations to multi-megawatt hour storage applications.
We have designed and built batteries that offer the greatest flexibility for large to grid-scale energy storage needs.
Designed to support your business efficiently and effectively over the longer term, the modular nature of our solutions means that they enable you to grow your energy storage capacity when you need it.


How do flow batteries work?

Flow batteries are a type of electrochemical energy storage, which means they use chemical components dissolved in liquid to store electrical energy.
During charging, PV panels, wind turbines or grid input deliver electrons to charge the zinc bromide electrolyte solution. In our flow battery, dissolved zinc is ‘plated out’ as metallic zinc on one electrode surface, with bromide converted to complex bromine on the other electrode. This process consumes electrons - provided via an electric charge - which stores the energy.
During discharge, the liquid electrolyte is pumped through the electrodes, reversing the process as zinc dissolves into the solution, converting complex bromine to bromide, releasing electrons to generate electricity.
Check out the video below to see how our flow battery works.


Energy Pod

This modular energy storage system is designed for scalable industrial, commercial, telecommunications and grid-scale applications.

Battery Management System

Redflow’s Battery Management System (BMS) is designed and developed to optimise the control and operation of our unique zinc-bromine flow batteries.

Enabling full remote monitoring and control of our energy storage systems, the Redflow BMS provides real time visibility of battery performance and connects seamlessly with our Cloud-based monitoring platform, to provide long term data analytics and system optimisation capabilities. Accessible via a web-based interface on any smart device, the BMS can interface into a range of Energy Management Systems via industry standard communications protocols.

Click here to download the Battery Management System datasheet.


Battery comparison

Redflow’s flow batteries have many advantages compared to lithium-ion in medium to long-duration storage applications.

Redflow vs lithium-ion battery technology


Lithium-ion battery

Redflow zinc-bromine battery

Full battery discharge to zero volts

Damages battery

Benefits battery

Deep daily discharge

Shortens battery life

Negligible impact on battery life

Energy output from a full charge/discharge cycle

Declines with cycle count


Extended time in standby

Loses stored energy over time

Retains all 100 per cent its rated capacity of stored energy for weeks or months, while in standby mode

High ambient temperature

Requires active cooling to avoid life reduction

Ambient/free air cooling sufficient unless sustained ambient temperature is greater than 45 °C (113 °F)

Risk of thermal runaway


Minimal as the electrolyte is inherently non-flammable (as tested to UL9540A)


Challenging to recycle

Easy to recycle



Our energy storage systems are an ideal solution for commercial, industrial, telecommunications and grid-scale deployment.

Our products

Flow Battery

Redflow’s ZBM3 flow battery is the world’s smallest commercially available zinc-bromine flow battery.



Energy Pod

This modular energy storage system is designed for scalable commercial, industrial and utility applications.


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