RedFlow’s ZCell: An Aussie-designed flow battery for homes

RedFlow’s ZCell is currently one of the most talked-about battery storage products on the Australian market. Slated to be available in Australia in the very near future, the battery has significant advantages over most of the other products on the market – and it sure to appeal to the tech-happy ‘early adopter’ market despite its price point (which – though high – is in the ballpark of its competitors). As time goes on and prices come down, the ZCell’s appeal is almost certain to spread to a mass market thanks to its unique warranty structure and resistance to operational wear-and-tear, reports Solar Choice at

Opinion: Australia’s future lies with renewable energy not mega coal mines

As the Courier-Mail’s Kathleen Noonan listens to ABC RN Breakfast host Fran Kelly interview Simon Hackett, executive chair of Redflow, the battery storage company, about South Australia’s strides toward renewables, she reflects on the arrival of a battery revolution at


Redflow in tie-up with Redback Technologies to smarten up battery offering

The Australian Financial Review’s Angela Macdonald-Smith reports on a tie-up between Redflow and Redback Technologies after months of testing the Redflow battery, which uses zinc bromide “flow” technology alongside Redback’s solar hybrid inverter. Read her story at


This is what Australia’s answer to home battery storage looks like

Aussie company Redflow announced its innovative zinc-bromine ZCell battery earlier this year, and tomorrow it’s getting its first public debut at the Australian Energy Storage Conference & Exhibition in Sydney. The enclosure for the 10kWh home energy storage system has just been revealed, designed to be easy to install with failsafes against battery fluid leakage, reports Gizmodo at


Does Redflow’s ZCell battery have the edge over lithium-ion?

The Australian company Redflow is accepting pre-orders for its new home energy storage system, the ZCell battery.  It has a 10 kilowatt-hour usable storage capacity, can provide 3 kilowatts of continuous power, and is suitable for on-grid and off-grid use.  Deliveries will begin in August 2016. While there are many lithium-ion storage systems on the market, the Redflow ZCell stands out as the only zinc bromide flow battery.  Its unique chemistry gives it several advantages over lithium-ion systems.  One is it can lie dormant for long periods at any level of charge without suffering from deterioration.  And another is its storage capacity will never decline over its over its entire lifespan, reports SolarQuotes. Read its story at

Batteries to help grid become ‘the internet of energy’

Rather than facing a “death spiral”, the electricity grid is set to become the backbone of the “internet of energy,” with the help of batteries – as long as policymakers get on board. “By 2030, the grid has become necessarily a much smarter place, it’s become more like the internet,” said Simon Hackett, chairman of battery developer Redflow Energy, in an article in the Sydney Morning Herald. Read Simon’s comments at