Victoria, Northern New South Wales

Veida specialises in designing and delivering innovative and creative energy solutions. Providing personalised consultations and premium quality components, tested and approved for Australian conditions, Veida is at the centre of energy empowerment. Using only the highest quality components, tested and approved for Australian conditions, Veida designs and integrates state of the art energy solutions.
We are comprised of a young group of dynamic, well-versed experts in the field of renewable energy economics, asset financial structure, trends, design and technology specification. Our unique approach to energy efficiency and commitment to developing life-changing technology is why we have been labelled as the future of renewables in Australia.

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The Solar Project TSP)

New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, SA, WA


The Solar Project Pty Ltd provides high-quality renewable energy systems to small and large businesses and industry across Australia. Our team has been responsible for some of the largest commissioned commercial solar power stations in the country. We are a successful project office delivering cost-efficient solar project solutions in South Australia, Western Australia, regional Victoria and New South Wales. Recently awarded Wine Industry Suppliers Association ‘Supplier of the Year’ for 2013 (Environment and Sustainability) our projects achieve real long-term financial and environmental savings to our clients at a lower cost than the status quo: buying energy from non-renewable and fossil fuel sources.

The Solar Project
National Project Office
Office 13, 240 Currie St. (Building C)
Adelaide 5000

David Buetefuer
Director of Sales and Business Development
Dir. +61 (0) 426 830 607
Tel. 1 300 778 561

Theodore Strecker
Director of Engineering and Projects
Dir. +61 (0) 400 944 815
Tel. 1 300 778 561

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