Vision, mission & values

Our vision, mission and values explain what we stand for. Founded on authenticity and ambition, they shape our culture and guide our work every day. They help ensure we work well together, operate safely, minimise impacts on the environment and create value for our shareholders.

Our vision

To be a global leader in clean energy storage, paving the way to a sustainable future.

Our mission

Redflow is leading the renewable energy transition by delivering the world’s safest and cleanest energy storage solution.

Our values

Strive to maintain our status as innovative market leaders in flow battery technology by investing in research and development and enforcing stringent quality control.
Cultivate a network of qualified system integrators and suppliers with effective market channels. This system ensures high quality products and reliable industry engagement.
Maximise returns for shareholders whilst being mindful of our key responsibilities.
Attract the right people
Develop a forward-thinking culture that attracts dedicated and skilled employees driven by innovation.


Redflow is committed to accelerating a carbon-free future and delivering energy storage solutions that help other businesses meet their net zero emissions target.  





Our products

Flow Battery

Redflow’s ZBM3 flow battery is the world’s smallest commercially available zinc-bromine flow battery.


Energy Pod

This modular energy storage system is designed for scalable commercial, industrial and utility applications.


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